A school bully

I was asked to checkout the ghost activity at a school, that was specific to one corridor. Students there had complained of feeling something pressuring them to be involved with drugs and drug gangs. This contact had worked there and had also felt something weird going on but didn’t know what to do nor who to ask about it. Years later after leaving there, she met me.

She also reported she had talked to the Principal about it, and he’d heard stories too, the same Principal was still there, and after I asked her for access to the school, she said it was difficult, and she consulted with the Principal who said it would be difficult to explain strangers wandering about the school.

Fortunately, that corridor dead-ended on an outside wall, so I could get close and extend my energies inside to do this work. The ghost was described as a bully, possibly keeping other ghosts trapped there. So having help was a good idea. Priscilla and Michelle responded, Sharon was unwell and couldn’t join us.

I figured I’d have to go head-to-head with the ghost while the ladies did their work, and keeping him occupied would mean he wouldn’t attack them.

So we showed up after school had closed for the day and gathered near that corridor. I felt it first, soon after Michelle commented on finding it heavy, then Priscilla sensed an impact and we were at the outside of that door.

I chose to energetically enter, to find and confront this ghost before he might attack, and he responded, the two of us pushing, no attack. My intention was to wear him down. Meanwhile the ladies were relaying all they could pick up on this ghost’s feelings, and there was a lot going on. Which was good, I’d keep pushing, reducing his issues, keep him concentrating on me while the ladies shredded him from behind.

We felt the change at the same time, less push on me, more conversation from him with the ladies. The team was working fine so we continued, it just was easier. They picked up on all sorts of physical trauma he’d experienced too, normally that’s my thing to detect.

I’m overhearing what they were finding out, the guy had been influenced by his family, the only option to follow in their footsteps, as a child brought up to get money from drugs, not get a job like the rest of us. An aside, I once transported a drug addict to get a cardiac procedure, and heard his story, his parents had thought it cute watching their 6 y.o. son getting high on the drugs they gave him. Eventually as a teen he left them. Made a big impact on me, not to judge.

We all felt compassion for this ghost, and though he felt reluctant about going on up, we decided to go up as a group with him, and were joined in this by his Guide, a nice powerful energy, and up he went.

I continued to work the corridor to remove residual stuck energies, checking if any other ghosts were hiding within it, none found. To speed things up I added Heaven’s Light, and later redirected the energies down into the Earth. Then running the colors to heal any ghosts hiding there so they could make their own way up.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Today’s adventure was with members Paul, Priscilla and Michelle, located at a school in Connecticut (the specific location will be kept private at this time). Paul had gotten a tip from a police officer that there was a ghost in the school that was causing havoc for the past decade, possibly influencing young people to be unkind to themselves and others.

The work was done outside the back door, where the ghost was reported to be felt by others. All of the team sensed, at different intensities, an intense energy upon walking down the sidewalk. Everyone agreed that it was a tall, young man, who was extremely angry and in a fit of rage. The ghost at first, did not want to talk, and kept energetically pushing us away, especially towards Paul. Paul allowed him to rage for a bit, Michelle provided validation and healing purple energy, and Priscilla tapped into his homelife story. The young man, according to Priscilla, had a father who encouraged him to sell drugs, and there was a serious lack of support. Priscilla also felt he had a speech impediment, and was misunderstood and bullied by others.

Michelle felt a pain in the left side of the head, and a pain in the right ear, which felt like a blow to the head upon passing. Priscilla and Michelle both agreed that he did not pass at the school. Instead, he was hanging out at the school to seek revenge against his bullies, and an assistant principal that he felt treated him unfairly. Michelle was able to call in his grandmother and dog, whom he missed, which toned down his energy. Priscilla spent time listening to him and holding space, and encouraged him to let go of the anger. Michelle surrounded him with pink energy to remind him he is love. Everyone agreed to send him up together, and as he was ready, his guide appeared. Paul then spent time cleaning up the energy of anger he had left behind from the hallways remotely. A job well done by the team.

Our contact got back to us, finding a likely person to be the origin of the ghost. I’m not posting that picture as it would help to identify the school etc. but I am including the comments made by Priscilla: Omg! That’s exactly what he looked like in my mind! and Michelle: I also saw an African American young man with dreads.