Boston, a weekend touring

My brother and his wife are touring USA and I met them for a long weekend, and did some ghost work too.

There’s a WWII boat next to the USS Constitution, remodeled to look like it did during the war. Two ghosts, one knew he’d died and was easy to move one, the other more difficult, struggling with the idea he was now dead. Took longer. No ghosts in the main attraction.

Nearby was a monument overlooking a field that had been used by the militia to practice before fighting the English. It had to be recreated when destroyed by the English. Feelings of anticipation, people meeting there before the start of the war, getting ready, knowing real fighting might come, One ghost showed up to find out why the energy had been cleaned up, I talked him through going on up.

Further up Bunker Hill another monument, a tower with 294 steps inside. No ghosts, but fighting going on, to the South the English, super confident, the best army in the World, facing farmers and merchants, arrogant in their might. Within the fortifications and along the wall to the coast and the ‘>’ shaped fortifications, the Americans, intent on holding this hill, rallied by their officers, facing the best army, but united in their resolve, equal and supporting one another, together in this. Anyone who died would go to Heaven, guaranteed. No ghosts, powerful feelings.

I found out while on a tour bus that one park had 40,000 people buried there, so blanketed the area with light from up there and felt Guides coming down to talk with those who could hear them.

Another pass and the narrator talked about people hung there, including witches. Felt two people, identified as witches, sent loving energy to them and felt Guides arrive, I hope they were able to help them.

My brother and his wife don’t believe in this stuff and couldn’t feel anything after I’d moved one ghost up, but they were polite and listened, tried to understand, had good questions.