Practice for a student

Anne – E had missed the practice session for the new ghost group, so I had an extra one just for her. We went to the Connecticut State Veteran’s Cemetery on Bow Lane in Middletown CT, as both of us had people we’d known buried there.

Just wandering, Anne – E found activity at one headstone belonging to Sebastian, by feel he was Italian-American, and he told us he was ok wherever he was. Laid-back, happy to stay there. Anne – E called on some Guides and two arrived, a forth-right female and a quiet male, the female guide took the lead and Sebastian was fine with following along with her, and he was gone.

Next she found Robert, a quiet guy, Anne – E used the meditation method and he moved on.

Anne – E led me to the guy she’d known, Frederick, and they had a good conversation, he wanted his horse, and one appeared, but they just stood there. So I suggested getting a Guide on a horse, this horse was impatient to get moving, so Anne – E slapped her friend’s horse’s rear and off they went, upward.

I didn’t know where the guy I’d known was buried, and we were talking about ‘the light’ a gateway for ghosts, if there was one, and I expected there to be one, it had to be on or near the one building, that or next to where the ashes were kept. Anne – E found it, overlooking the graves, and I suggested she put her arm into it to get a feel . After a while she felt something pushing her arm out!

On one wall of the building was a screen with touch-screen capability, and I found Eddie and got a printout, and we walked over to his grave. I knew him through my local Fire Dept. a great guy, always there for the EMS crews. He never talked about WWII, I’d never known he’d had 3 awards. He wasn’t there, instead he’s up there, working on his last life’s issues.

Anne – E had done well, so we headed for Klekolo and coffee and some palm-reading.