Gunntown Cemetery, Naugatuck

Mentioned by the Warren’s as officially haunted, there are reports of children’s laughter, music in the nearby woods which moves to the listener, a man with a lantern leading a horse, a little boy playing, feelings of dread and creepiness, drops in temperature, orbs, globules and ectoplasmic mists.

Seeing the place, it’s small. How busy could it be? There are five of us, Michelle and Jared, Weslie and Janet, and myself. It makes it so much easier with sensitive people around who draw my attention to what they’re feeling.

First up, Michelle finds a ghost that’s inappropriate and hands him off to me. Thanks. Yes, he’s inappropriate, and no, I’m not giving details. Unusually, he’s still got attachments on him, affecting him, and when I remove them, he’s normal and ashamed by his behavior, up he went, on the second attempt, he felt he didn’t deserve Heaven, an Angel had to offer him a hand before he went up the second time.

Jared found two kids and moved them on, later Weslie felt there was still some issue there and I cleaned out the energy, after getting more details. Both had been almost babies, someone had visited coughing, and the kids contracted it, the little bit of blood coming up too indicated TB. The parents were devastated.

Weslie found another child, this one still here, also still a baby. So strange, no reason to still be here, until I felt mom’s arms still wrapped around him, she felt undeserving as the wife of a rector, having to put on a public face, while privately rebuked for selfishness. Healed and both moved on.

Michelle already knows how to do this, so I’ll copy and paste her notes at the end.

Jared reported a man hit from behind with a shovel. Feeling it, I knew the blow had killed him, so a little color healing to repair his ‘body’ and he was ready to move on. He and Janet had noticed a dizzy feeling nearby, I felt him to be drunk, but on healing him, I found he’d been in chronic pain and had used alcohol to mute it, but it had gotten out of hand. He too moved on up.

I had noticed a lot of headstones had been damaged, broken in half. Looking closer most of them had marks at the edges just below the break and some had a line lightly cut into the headstone connecting these marks. It looks like someone intentionally damaged them, ran a chain across it and pulled hard, maybe holding the top half so that they didn’t just uproot the headstone. Doing timelining, for each one I felt a bad storm blowing at the same time. Maybe someone damaged them at the same time and explained it as storm damage.

All of the group reported strong feelings from the stream lower down on the hill, I felt it discolored, and upstream someone had died, fallen, pushed maybe, hitting his face and damaging him so that he couldn’t get out of the water and drowned, expecting those with him to save him. Another healing and he moved on up and the stream energy cleared.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: Paul planned this cemetery trip because he heard that the Warrens had had some experiences here many years ago. Jared, Janet, Weslie, Paul and Michelle attended. When Jared first pulled in, he found the energy to be very similar to The Conjuring movie. He did not know anything about the cemetery ahead of time, nor did he know that the Warrens had even been there. Janet also felt like there was a heaviness to the cemetery, and felt like somebody have been drinking at some point. Michelle felt like somebody was hit in the back of the head with a shovel and murdered as she kept getting a headache. Jared confirmed that there was a gentleman who this happened to, and Paul sent it healing color energy. Weslie immediately was drawn to the back right hand corner of the cemetery upon arrival. There were three children buried there, and Jared moved the little girl up and Michelle moved a little boy up who are siblings. Michelle also found three more children, and later found out that the Warrens had found several children in the cemetery. Janet and Michelle found the cemetery tree, which is pictured here, a very powerful energy force protecting the land. In the back of the cemetery was some private property with a pond that Janet and Jared felt something odd about. Michelle felt there was a spirit watching Paul as he was looking at the body of water, and Paul determines that there was a spirit who had drowned and was still on the edge of the woods, so Paul moved the spirit on. The cemetery still had a heaviness to it when Jared and Michelle left, and Paul decided to do some energy work before he left.