Weston CT, the kids are seeing things.

Michelle went to a ghost hunters convention some months back, I didn’t go because I don’t ‘hunt’ ghosts, she met a nice bunch of people, including the CT Paranormal Research Team, who include a Medium to help ghosts move on. Their Medium was not available on one investigation so they contacted Michelle who spoke with the client and set this up for us.

The client, married with two very young children, working a very demanding and prestigious job told us her kids were scared, Mom could sense stuff, and we turned up the following weekend. Her husband, a neat guy who also had a demanding position was present as well. Today we had team members Priscilla, Jay, Michelle and myself. We got the latest update, and what was nice, jumping ahead, some of what we were sensing resonated with stuff the family had picked up and hadn’t mentioned.

Reports from them and this ghost hunting group mentioned 2 ghosts – an older man and a young child, plus 6 names recorded on some device they used. So 6 ghosts, at least.

Almost immediately Priscilla finds a ‘ley-line’ running through the house. I put it in quotes because it wasn’t the usual ley-line. More on that later. Based on the location, there was going to be lots of Native American connections and the Brits had travelled through this area when fighting Americans. The house itself was very new, no old-time ghosts linked to this house. Michelle said there was a portal on this ‘ley-line’, located at the bottom of the stairs and it was a busy place, many had passed through into our plane.

I did a quick check for electrical issues, none present then joined the rest as they did a scan of the house. They found the child ghost and moved him on, found an angry old male ghost, and Michelle and I tag-teamed him, he had both mental and emotional issues, Michelle took on the emotional, I did the mental. Sitting in the bathroom, tuning in to him, I sensed he’d been injured, his right eye destroyed, his face disfigured, he didn’t like to see himself in a mirror. Oddly, all his issues were self-centered, no thoughts about how others would see him, probably with more compassion than he had for himself. Getting him to go on up was a real problem, Michelle hung in there and managed to get him up there, fingers crossed he stays. I removed all the traumatic energy he’d been dumping into the upstairs rooms.

While cleaning out that energy I heard a woman speaking, she too was a ghost but the old guy’s issues shouted louder. Now I could hear her. Her name Mary, born in 1944, she didn’t know she was dead. She couldn’t remember, didn’t understand, and was so glad someone was finally listening to her. Using colors to heal her, memories started coming back, horrific ones, passenger in a car, t-boned on the passenger side by a truck. Healing kept being interrupted to deal with her panic as she started to remember the impact. Body tissues damaged, bones crushed, her skull a mess, as she healed she saw more of herself in the car, saw her husband, both dead. I had help moving her on up to get more healing up there.

The team had scattered so look to comments by Michelle and Priscilla at the end to fill in the gaps.

Taking a break, I went outside to find out more about this ‘ley-line’. It was very narrow and not as strong as a regular ley-line, it had connections at both ends, on one side was a smart entity who had done something, maybe magic, to create an energy center which then connected to the nearest actual ley-line. The quality of this line was all about communication. Gaining access to other spaces, the person who’d made it had been psychic, ahead of his time but had no-one to talk with, no one capable of understanding, he’d been the tribe’s shaman, his tribe had just ‘nodded their heads’ lumping it all in with what a shaman does, this guy was curious about everything ‘alternate’. There were ghosts present, but I wasn’t ready to deal with them, the house and family came first. Taking a break also means getting green tea with honey, need to restore some of my energy and bring the family up to date.

We looked in on the infant’s room to check for ghosts etc, then the attic, no ghosts present but it was a meeting place for ghosts, they didn’t want to disturb the people living there, but valued the increased awareness gained from sitting above this energy ‘ley-line’. I cleaned out the stuck energy and headed back down stairs. The energy line passed through the basement room, adding to what we were picking up. Everyone found issues against one wall. An opening in this wall revealed a crawl space, easiest for me to enter, two ghosts there, both had been in the military, one had died in surgery, his buddy had stayed with him. Healing both of them, it had been gunshot wounds to the abdomen, multiple body systems involved, plus the mental trauma, both of them had that. Again using colors to rebuild their bodies, we were joined by an Officer, military. I was surprised, troops are obligated to obey, but choosing to go to Heaven is an individual’s choice. “Stand down” the officer ordered and he spoke to them, man-to-man and they chose to move on.

Another cup of tea, Priscilla had made shortcake and muffins, another review and update for the family. I took Jay for a trip through the portal, the other two had travelled this way before on other portals. Jay and I were stunned how busy it was, high-speed trains rushing past us, busy, busy busy.

The psychic Native American ghost was a problem. He was maintaining the energy line and portal, so he had to go. The Happy Hunting Grounds of course, but he was worried about the lack of communications there, he’d already picked up the ideas technology from us and wanted to know more, this guy was insatiably curious. He was also nerdy, all about him knowing, not so much about his impact on others. Getting reborn he’d want a body with psychic capabilities, they would be different from the abilities he’d had and he didn’t want to lose them, but trying out newer, different ones? He was hooked, that curiosity again. Standing with him on the edge of The Happy Hunting Grounds, I turned around and showed him there was no boundary, no wall, all of Heavenly space was free for him to explore, and off he went.

Yes the portal needed to be closed, but how? And not yet. We needed to check on the ghosts outside, some of them needed to return via the portal. We went outside and stood next to the energy line. More ghosts had joined us. Michelle had used Michael’s technique but there were too many of them. We needed a faster way. Under such pressure, I can often come up with ‘AN IDEA’. I remembered Glastonbury Tor in the UK, how it had been an elevator, so much energy all heading up to Heaven, just walk on and up you go. I don’t have that much energy, but our Guides and Higher Spirits have contacts up there and there it was, a light beam, walk into it and up you moved, not a transporter, those ‘local’ to our Earth and wanting to head on up just walked in, and up they went.

Michelle and I grounded the energy line, stamping it into the ground and it was gone. The portal remained.

We now asked the non-locals to walk through the portal, hoping they could find the correct ‘train’ to take them where they needed to go. With a little hurrying-up we got them moved out. Usually when removing a portal I travel to the far end and grab it, returning here, but this place had lots of destinations. Was I going to shut down the train service entirely? No. there had to be a better solution. I figured it was so busy because of the underlying communications / travel energy line, it would continue without the power line below, not my problem. Then I realized all I needed to do was shut down this station, close the portal so entities didn’t disembark and walk into the client’s kitchen. Easy. Priscilla and I closed it, job done, station closed.

Last check, we had Mom aske the elder daughter if there were still ghosts around. Her daughter was happy, no more ‘blinkies’.

Here’s Priscilla’s notes:

Upon stepping on the front steps of the client’s porch, I immediately felt a strong electrical energy.  I had tingling all  through my body and down to my finger tips.  I entered the home and the tingling was less.  But there was a clear line of energy that ran through their house from those front steps diagonally through the kitchen.  For me it was a very defined line, narrower than most ley lines I’ve encountered in the past. One of the children had talked of seeing “blinkers”, people walking down the stairs and in her bedroom.
I felt very strong indigenous energies throughout the property.  I did not feel like they were menacing. I felt that the ground had at one time been used for very sacred ceremonies and celebrations.  I did feel a very strong need for connection. As if ancestors were trying to connect with their family members within the home. There seemed to be a message that was trying to be relayed.  The clients and their daughter do have spiritual  gifts. There was a grandmother’s energy sensed in the daughter’s bedroom. A loving, protective energy, and one also wanting the client and her daughter to understand, accept and use their gifts. This was a message that I was clearly receiving.
My daughter Jay, a spirit-healer in training, joined us today and she felt the grandmother’s hand on her shoulder as she walked through the daughter’s closet. 
I also felt the energy of the earth and the people who lived on it before it was developed to what it is today.  There was a happiness and gratitude that a family moved in that appreciated the land and worked with the soil planting flowers and tending to its needs. Paul and Michelle, both felt different energy, that they will explain. One thing , I think we all felt was that there was a portal of sorts.  Not like portals I’ve dealt with before. I’m not sure who came up with the description of ” a train station” but that did seem to identify it best.  Paul, Michelle and I managed to move the energies of the spiritual travelers onto the train and Paul and I worked together to close down the stop so no travelers could exit back onto the property.
After we were through, the young daughter stated , the blinkers were gone and her room smelled and felt different. She was smiling. Hopefully, this family will be able to rest peacefully tonight.

Here’s Michelle’s notes, a little odd, Michelle talking in the third person:

Today, the SHONE spirit healing group, which today consisted of Paul, Michelle, Priscilla and Jay, went to a private home, from a referral made by the CT Paranormal Research Team, a connection made from months prior when Michelle attended an occult fair back in October. The paranormal team reached out to Michelle, as they attempted to help this family, and picked up on many ghosts during their visit, and were even able to get names. The family explained that they heard many voices, as if they were in a restaurant, speaking all at once, a few times. They also reported feeling something brushing up against them, and had feelings of being watched. The children, aged 3 and 18 months, also have been seeing spirits, and the 3 yr old wondered “all those people were going”, walking down the stairs. She also reported “blinkies” in many rooms of the home that she could talk to, some nice, and some not so nice. Once we arrived, the first thing Priscilla picked up on was a ley-line, which seem to stretch through the right side of the kitchen and out the back deck. After Paul checked for electrical disturbances (there was none he could find), we all went upstairs. The 3 yr old’s bedroom seem to be heavy on one side. Priscilla detected a family member named Margaret, who was protecting the child. Michelle then picked up on an anxiety filled woman named Jane, who seemed mentally ill and very disoriented. Michelle became pretty overheated by her. She told Michelle that she liked hanging out with the child’s energy because she felt she had missed out on a happy childhood. Michelle was able to move Jane on without a lot of trouble by healing her inner child, and we decided to leave Margaret alone, to continue to protect the 3 yr old. We then moved to the master bedroom, where an older man named James was hanging out in a closet. Michelle was drawn to him, and felt his anger, as it was palpable. As Michelle was concentrating on him, she heard Paul tell the family about him, and we confirmed we both had tuned into him. Paul worked on his physical ailments, and felt he had lost an eye. Michelle worked on his mental health issues, and felt he had a lack of love in his life. Michelle also learned that he was afraid of going to hell. Michelle was able to move him up after spending some time reasoning with him, as calling in Archangel Michael was not working, as he wanted him to “go away”. A first for Michelle to hear a spirit spew anger towards an Angel! Michelle then went to the playrooms while Priscilla worked with the family to explain what she felt about the history of the land, and the lineage of the family. Priscilla also picked up that the woman of the home was a medium herself, and encouraged her to further explore her gifts. One of the playrooms had a child hanging out, and Michelle was able to move it on quickly. The other playroom had no issue. We all then went to the basement, and Paul and Michelle felt an energy on the right side that seemed to intensify more to the back of the room. When Michelle walked in the back, she felt nauseous, and the woman concurred that she also felt ill and “creeped out”, especially in a nook area. Paul found two military spirits in the nook, and moved them on. Michelle then sat with several spirits outside the nook, which is where the “chatter from the restaurant” was the loudest. Michelle asked for one spirit at a time to approach her, and one man finally did. However, he was unable to provide her details of why there were so many of them. She then spent some time transforming the energy in the room, which did help. However, the problem remained that there was a large amount of spirits there, and sending them to the light would be exhausting, even with Michael’s technique, due to the stream of spirits being never ending. After Paul checked the attic, which was fine, Paul, Priscilla and Michelle then went outside. There was an energy that stopped them in their tracks that seem to line up with the ley-line in the kitchen, and the energy in the basement. Michelle was able to connect with a land guardian, who helped me heal the land. However, that wasn’t the bigger issue. Paul and Michelle connected with a male spirit who seemed to have been proud of this ley-line, as Paul believes he created it himself when he was living. It took a lot of reasoning with this spirit to get him to move up, as he was native American, and deeply connected to the land. However, until we moved him on, the problem would continue in the home. Paul and Michelle were able to send him up, and then proceeded to ground the ley-line outside. Paul and Priscilla then went back into the home, and closed the portal portion of the ley-line down successfully. The woman of the home recalled later having a reoccurring dream of being at a train station, which was a great visual way of describing the spirit portal. Priscilla and Michelle then scanned the family’s auras, and did not find anything significant. To wrap up, Michelle suggested that we have the 3 yr old walk around the home to see if she felt or saw anything. With her mom, a walk around the home was done, and she proudly reported that “the blinkies were all gone, and went up”. This was the best validation the team has ever received 🙂

Since visiting, I got this text message:

Last night around 4:00 a.m., I heard the word “no” very loud and clear through the baby monitor. Immediately, the baby started crying for just a few seconds but then went back to sleep.
Also, a huge sense of relief came over me after I heard that. I then proceeded to go back to sleep myself and was fine.

There was a little more activity, her older daughter seeing ‘blinkies’ once, so I did some remote work, I hadn’t removed the magic that activated the energy site which connected to the ley-line, so it all got recreated, reopening the ‘railroad station’. Once that was done, it all fell apart, nothing to sustain it, closing the station was easy.

Another text on May 2nd: My older daughter has been sleeping peacefully in her room. We haven’t experienced anything too strange. She does see her grandma a lot ❣️.

Grandma’s already ascended and can visit any time, no worries there.