Stressed in Meriden

Sharon talking with someone in a class she’s taking, found out the lady was having some ghost trouble, and referred the client to me, and that Friday Sharon, Michelle and I went to help out a new client.

There was a ghost, a male in her house, He’d been there a while, discouraging new buyers whenever they visited, and other visitors, but had become more active, the client had trouble sleeping at night and felt him there, she was shaky all the time the last few weeks. The ghost could be found in the basement and she hadn’t gone down there in a week. It would be Sharon’s call, she had found the client and had yet to earn her certificate. Michelle and I were there to help. Talking with the client, she told us there were two other presences, relatives of hers, a grandfather and great-grandmother. Some energy work on the client, some chakra / aura issues dealt with, I added Lu 5 & 7 acupressure points to release stuff and the girls held these points.

We started at ground level, I checked the electrics, but didn’t have my grounding / wiring device so it was just the ultrasound. We cleaned out stuck energy, then went upstairs, more stuck energy, cleaned the bed of energy, so far so good. Basement next.

It didn’t feel that bad. Nothing attacked us. Some stuck energy feeling of hiding was released from under the stairs. I was the first to sense him, standing beside the laundry machines, observing us. You’re up Sharon, move him on. But first get into a conversation, understand what he wants, why he’s there. Michelle joined in, then I added my 2 cents, He was a previous owner and didn’t know he was dead. He didn’t want strangers in his house. They described him as a short guy, overweight, bald and the client concurred, she’d done some research. Talking with the client, she was still linked with him, which meant he had some energetic hooks in her, I found them and had Michelle remove them while Sharon focused on the ghost, getting him to acceptance, a guide joined us, the ghost was reluctant but Sharon took him up and he was gone, didn’t come back down. A little residual energy to clear up,

Job done? Not quite, the family helpers to find, the client was happy to have them stay but I wanted to get into conversation with them, offer them a chance to move on if they hadn’t already. The client mentioned a hope box that was connected with the grandmother so back upstairs, touching the quilt-work inside drew the ghost to us, she hadn’t moved on. She was happy, but spent a lot of time waiting, liked to be appreciated. A trip ‘up there’ and she too decided to stay there. Now for the grandfather. He wasn’t around so we found him by time-lining, in good shape, only a little stoop, dark grey hair, whiskers, a military background. He’d like a chance to meet with his military friends, The three of us took him up, and his mates were there, lined up, in uniform to greet him. Really nice to see.

We checked in with the client, she felt lighter, the place improved. Now it was job well done.

Here’s what Michelle wrote: Sharon connected with a woman in Meriden through her reflexology business who was experiencing three ghosts in her home. One of the ghosts was a previous owner of the home. The client reported a voice that told her “get out!”, was experiencing many physical symptoms, and at one point, she felt him go right through her. Sharon took the lead to gain experience. When we arrived, we took care of the client first. Sharon and I sensed heat coming out of the client’s solar plexus, and sent Reiki on both sides, and learned some acupressure to calm her nerves. We then sensed a lot of stuck energy in various places in the home, especially her bedroom, where there also seemed to be excessive heat. At one point, I felt a prick on my left arm. It took a few times to clear her bed and other areas. We then proceeded downstairs to the basement, where the woman said the problem ghost hangs out. We sensed a Polish older man who was angry, as he didn’t know he was dead, and said he wanted her out. Sharon, being Polish, shared memories of culture, and reasoned with him, to move him on. When he left, I felt a rush of intense energy in my whole head. We then had to transform all the stuck energy left behind. It was my job to help the client cut and pull the cord out of the client put there by the ghost, then repair her aura one chakra at a time. Finally, we picked up on the other two ghosts, her grandmother, who had very sweet energy (I could feel her hip pain in my left hip while rocking in her chair) wanting to protect the client (Paul said she didn’t like him lol) and another male relative, I saw as a younger man and the others saw in his older years. Both were moved on. The client validated the grandmother, after Sharon and I used our psychometry skills through old pieces of quilt she had created left in a hope chest. The client also wanted us to pick up on a foster dog that was abruptly removed from her home, and an overwhelming sadness was felt. The client reported feeling lighter and more relaxed after we were done. The house is now clear 🙂

Thank you, it fills out what happened, a lot was done.