Student has something attached

I’m teaching a class on Energy defense, a client did not want to use Shields, so I created a class just for her, to help protect her. She values her sensitivity and didn’t want anything to block that, yet there’s enough going on around her that she needed something extra.

First class we had 4 students, it’s a small class because of the virus, so we could sit far enough apart. The first clue was when one of the students had a problem with one of the ‘go-to’ techniques for loosening attachments. I knew she had to have an attachment which was fighting the technique, I’d keep an eye on her in case it spread or tried to attack the other students.

At the end of class she asked me to feel for something she reported to be behind her. Touching her hand I was drawn to stand behind her and felt its presence. Never had felt something like that before, but wasn’t worried. This was an opportunity for the group to practice in the next class.

Class 2 arrived and one less student, she’d backed out. Not surprising, so many people considering getting ghost work done get worked over by the ghost or entities preying on them, and they give in to the voice feeding on the client. I hear this from the ones who did call, the days leading up to the ghost work had been worse. I asked the students present to pass on the message that we would remove the attachment. Let’s see if she shows up.