“Can we talk?”

I got a text late at night, “Can we talk?”. Uh-oh. Not good.

It was a friend, she had a visit from her father, now a ghost. Previous visits had not gone well, she saw him as a black entity and the contact was always … unpleasant. In life he had not treated her well and gone to prison for assorted offences. Her grandfather had sided with him and not her when she had complained. I’m not going into details, that’s private and I’m not giving any more details about my friend. I will talk about helping him to move on.

My version of contacting those who have died is to ask the client to think of that person so that they feel their connection to him or her. I then touch the client’s palm (a long history of being a palm-reader) to feel that connection then I slide along it to the ‘other end’ to then connect with the person. I’ve practiced in a Medium Development group to do this the ‘traditional’ way, but being a tactile sensitive, this works better for me.

I contacted the client’s father but he had no interest in me. I had interest in him so I grabbed on and held tight, then extended my energy field to get a better feeling of him. My client is extremely sensitive and from her memory corroborated my reports on his attitudes, beliefs and interests. He only cared about himself. Others did not exist. They were there for him to use. He felt that because he had the interests that he had, he was entitled to act on them, it did not matter how the victim felt. Based on my client’s comments I sought out experiences, it’s common for people who were abused to later abuse others, passing the damage on, not transmuting it. I took him to his past, to his memories of those events and he hated it, hated to be reminded, hated being the victim . . . and started to feel remorse. Then we visited those times and memories when he inflicted that damage on others, and I held him there, now that he had been reminded what it felt like to be on the receiving end, he felt for the victim, and hated himself for what he was doing to them. Knowing that they in turn would have to try to transmute the damage or would in turn pass it on, and in turn pass it on, and on. And all the while his energy field was overlapping mine, picking up my feelings, getting another’s viewpoint, seeing it from someone else’s view.

I’d asked my guides to put a bubble around us to add to the bubble I’d created so he couldn’t escape. My client had felt coldness creeping up her arms so I asked her to drop the connection and that feeling went away.

Momentarily stuck on what to do next, I decided to take him up there, to the edge of Heaven. There were people there who wanted to talk with him. What amazed him was their compassion, that they didn’t judge him. He’d expected rough treatment but these higher spirits that he’d known when alive were so caring. I was told I could let go the bubble, that he was welcome to stay and talk, and he wanted to stay and talk.

Maybe the ‘job’ was done, maybe he’ll stay moved on, they won’t keep him if he doesn’t want to be there. I told the client that her father had had a change of heart, that if he did return, he’d be different. No guarantees.

p.s. Her grandfather was one of the higher spirits that joined us, she felt him apologizing for not believing her.

My client wanted her palm read. There was lots to talk about, but one item relates here, She had a connection line from Pluto to Jupiter, touching the branches of her head-line. No Pluto mount but definitely energy there. Physical, emotional and psychological damage that gets passed on from generation to generation is a Pluto energy. My client has a much greater talent for transmuting such energy and making it available to others.