“Some heavy stuff inside”

My friend Deb told me about a place in Plainville CT that had “some heavy stuff going on inside’ and it had made her feel very uncomfortable, could I check it out (and clean it out)?

So one drab evening, light rain and a cloud covered sky I drove there and wandered around outside, Deb had said the place was closed and would probably stay that way (while the covid virus going on). After lowering my shields a bit I too could feel something unpleasant oozing out from the building, the inside had to be worse.

I’d had the feeling that there might be magic involved in this case so I hadn’t invited any of the ghost workers, one because I hadn’t taught them much about dealing with magic, and two because I don’t know much about magic and have little experience in it, what little I do have comes from removing it at ghost locations. If I got into trouble … I’d call a friend, starting with Priscilla.

Extending my energy field I slowly entered the building and in a short while felt a pull, going that way the pull increased, continuing to get stronger the closer I got, I paused to check I could keep from getting dragged in, I watched as the space deformed into a mini-black hole. Now what? Previously I had gone inside such structures when they occurred within a person, but to do this now, under these conditions, I wanted another plan. I also got a picture of a pentagram with candles and added symbols, thank you to whichever of my Guides let me know.

First step is to remove the magic symbology. Englobed for safety, I then pulled the pieces apart, candles first, then symbols then the pentagram and it all collapsed. The magic if left in place would keep the black hole structure in shape, resisting further energetic actions.

Next I tried englobing but that didn’t work, I was left with a flattened ball with one side trying to disappear through the other side. That black hole was still present.

During a shamanic retreat I had extended my energy field up one dimension then another and wandered around the barriers established (to keep us safe). Making another globe around the building and taking it “up there” just in case, there were spirits watching, nice to have help if I needed it. I then added two dimensions, the black hole was easily accessible and I directed the Light into the black space until it vaporized. Some of the higher spirits clapped, thank you.

Physically back here I wandered around the building, feeling multiple dark entities loose but staying inside the building. Another globe, taking them up but this time stopping just short of Heaven, these entities hadn’t attacked and felt more like followers than active participants. The gentle light at that level was enough to convert all but one and they were allowed to step onto the edge of Heaven, to get instruction on what was possible from there. The one darker entity responded to my overlapping energy field, he had ‘enjoyed’ feeling superior to others, ‘achieved’ by ‘cutting their line’, or restricting them, making others appear to be less than him. Overlapped with me, he could see a better approach, that of ‘extending his line’ while allowing or encouraging others to extend their lines. He moved on up.

Physically back again I circled the building, I felt embedded energy which flowed down, so I directed it to the center of the Earth where it was received. Another pass and I felt ‘stuck energy’ and that responded to overlapping my energy and transforming it.

Job done but I got a message, the person or people who had created this were capable of recreating it. I smiled at the idea of them coming there and finding the place cleaned up.