Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park Wallingford Ct

The ghost workers team was invited by Tina and Jason, two sensitives, to the park to investigate disturbances they had felt there. Michelle and Sharon answered the call, and on a delightfully warm spring day we five wandered, wearing masks and 6′ away or more from each other.

The first area was where the mill had been, Michelle and Sharon felt something and worked to move the ghosts on, leaving some stuck energy for me to release, feelings of remorse and then assorted fears.

I had felt someone watching me from a nearby ridge so I spoke with the ghost, inviting him to join us as the group was heading to the next site, an open field where we all felt lots of ghosts waited. We agreed these were American Indians, and while the rest hesitated to assess the situation, I walked right into the midst of them, feeling welcomed despite being a white man. Rather than going ahead to move them on, I worked with colors to heal those that needed it, soon joined by the team. Coaching Michelle first, I asked the ghosts to “climb on” and hold on to her as she ascended, asking for directions from a guide to lead her to The Happy Hunting Grounds. Not all came with her, I felt some of the male ghosts did not want to hold on to a woman, so I took the rest up. We’d noticed a separate group, getting feelings from them that they were not happy. This group wanted revenge. I didn’t think I could help them with this, so I extended my energy field to share it with them so they could feel my sorrow and my hope they could accept another possibility, that of moving on and coming back, getting another life here in which to make a difference. I told them they were cutting their own spears by staying here, better to lengthen their spears, grow stronger and come back better equipped. They agreed but when I took them to the Happy Hunting grounds they hesitated, not trusting. Thankfully an Indian chief came out to talk with them and they then moved on.

In one abandoned house, now only rubble, Michelle and Sharon felt a female ghost having breathing difficulties, her throat felt tight. They used Reiki while I used colors, I invited Jason to sense what he could. We all sensed more, in my case as an ex-paramedic, I picked up on itching on the skin, this had to be an allergic reaction, combined with the smoke they sensed, my guess was poison ivy had been burnt causing inflammation and difficulty breathing. Michelle and Sharon moved the woman on with a little help with their favorite guide.

Next was an open area where Tina had felt her butt slapped. The ghost was not present but I went down the time line to grab him, a young man and everyone felt his presence. How to make him atone? I came up with a new combination of techniques. holding onto him, I took him back to one of his past-lives where he’d been a woman, and found episodes that he could experience, but from the woman’s perspective, now his perspective. He felt all the ways she had felt, and soon he apologized. A guide then showed up and took over, the ghost moved on.

Here’s what Michelle wrote about our trip: Thank you to our guides today Tina and Jay who brought us to many areas that needed healing. One of the first soul I encountered was a man who was very confused, and seem to be wandering around the field aimlessly searching for something, more than likely his family. It was probably somebody that used to work at the mill. He did not want to accompany me as I am a female, so I let archangel Michael help send him to the light. All of the groups sensed a lightness on the open hill as there were many native Americans gathering. Paul and Sharon helped give them healing energy and sent them to the happy hunting grounds, with permission from their chief, who Paul and Sharon sensed. The next soul was a young adult who was goofing off in one of the stream areas and hit his head. Sharon sent him Reiki, and when she sent a cho ku rei for protection, I felt like I was out of my body for just a quick second, as the energy was powerful. He then went to the light. We then proceeded to the area where two old houses were where Tina felt a woman’s presence previously. Both sites had different women. The first one seemed anxious, and both Sharon and I had a pain in our right temples. The other house had a woman where the breathing was very labored, which could have been smoke. I also felt this woman was more than likely abused at some time in her life, as I felt she had been slapped in the face. Both were sent to the light by Sharon and I. While the second soul was being sent, I again felt that out-of-body feeling for just a second. Down the road, a man that liked to play tricks and treat women poorly was present. He even led Tina down an unmarked path just for fun. At the same time, Paul time lined him, and showed him what it was like in a past life to be a woman. The moment the man was shown, I had stopped dead in my tracks as the man was gone. There was another soul who was very peaceful in yet another foundation site who wanted Tina and I to watch him do his handiwork (a worker of some kind) as he was lonely. The last soul I found was a little boy who was crying and scared. I sent him healing energy, and he ran to me, which felt like a hug. My whole energy shifted and I felt love instead of grief or sadness inside of me. I then ascended with him and let my guides assist. It took a while to shake that energy off me, as he was so sad. There were many other energies, and we probably could have been there all day and all night. A wonderful time and a wonderful experience. Thank you to our mentor Paul for guidance.

Last words from Sharon, “Do you hear that?” We did, not words, but a background buzz of energy, from multiple sources, there were more ghosts to move on, but that’s for another day.

Everyone enjoyed the afternoon, they want to do it again next weekend.