A ghost and something else

I got a referral from my favorite “alternate” store A New Page in Middletown, a customer has an issue and could I help? I called and yes this was something I could help with. I put word out to the team but only one could respond, perhaps the recent Coronavirus issues had an impact.

Michelle and I arrived and talked with the customer and her daughter to get Michelle up to speed on what was going on there. A son had seen a ghost child, a girl when the son was a little boy but had lost his sensitivity when he grew up. The daughter when she returned from out of town got headaches and disturbed sleep, bad dreams and sleep-paralysis episodes and felt a man was responsible. The client on sleeping in the same room when the daughter was out of town felt someone sitting on the bed in the early hours of the morning. This ghost also disturbed her while she was in the shower, pushing the shower curtain onto her.

These events were localized to the bedroom, the shower was on an adjoining wall. So that’s where we headed. Both of us got headaches on entering the room, Michelle was more in tune with the ghost girl so we started with her, feeling how scared she was, lonely, missing her mom. Michelle and I talked about methods, as this was her first ghost work in a house. Michelle called on her guide Jo to help while I asked the girl to think of her mom and I followed the connection upwards to find mom, anxious that she couldn’t find her daughter. I got the impression the two of them had died at the same time, mom ascended automatically but the daughter got lost and stayed down here. Michelle’s guide Joe took the daughter up and I felt them together.

The headaches remained, I felt something high up against the ceiling over the bed, not a ghost, it didn’t fit our physical plane, and was all mental, it didn’t like our physical nature. I had mentioned this during class but hadn’t gone into detail, as each case is specific. This was an alien intelligence, somehow it had entered our space and had warped the space to be a little more accommodating to its nature. Quick lesson to Michelle and to the client and her daughter also in the room, things were going to get weird, even for a ghost job. I considered taking on its ‘altered’ energy, tried cautiously for a while but nothing transformed, that wasn’t going to work. So I called in help, an entity ‘n-D’ I’d met years ago that wandered dimensions, and I went to find him and reconnect. He answered my call and came to me, yes he could help, knew the species of alien and had a conversation with him, which I didn’t comprehend. Reopening the passageway, we pushed and the alien slid out of our plane, thank you n-D.

Not done yet, there was still residual energy, from the alien, that had to pushed through the passageway.

Now to remove the passageway. Quick lesson to Michelle then I entered the passageway, reached around to pinch it shut, the walls stretching to allow me to do that, picture being inside a baggy sweater and reaching through the material to grab one section taped to something else. Pulling on the tube it came free and I felt the passageway pulling back into its original space, I let go and followed my silver cord back to my body.

Then there was the disturbed or warped energy of our plane to heal, that was our space and it responded to transforming techniques which helped it resume it’s original shape.

Don’t forget the shower experience, in the adjacent room, that was our warped space which needed healing, the entity had briefly moved through the wall but had no long term impact.

Now for the client’s daughter, her Crown chakra had been impacted at the Third aura layer, Michelle applied Reiki, something she’d practiced for a while, and it worked, when I later checked. The daughter mentioned OCD so I energetically felt for that, feeling a vibration in mind and feelings, slowed it down, then able to see it manifested as feeling ‘something wasn’t right’ but unable to define it further, it reminded me of the ‘quindecile’ aspect in Astrology. I asked the daughter if when the situation occurs again that she could slow things down, not respond urgently, get to a point where she’d realize it wasn’t life-threatening and could accept something being ‘not-quite-right’ without having to act on it. Next the sleep-paralysis, I headed lower to the Reticular Activating System in the brain-stem, felt a hard edge where there shouldn’t be, and extended my energetic field to include and soften it. Finally a Sub-Occipital-Release from Craniosacral helped with the headache.

A bonus, Michelle stepped into the space where one of the family’s dogs had died and sensed it immediately and helped to release the energy there.

Usually I head on to my favorite coffee house, but it’s take-out only thanks to the virus, it wouldn’t be the same.