Return to my first ghost place

I’d recently joined The Greater Hartford Paranormal Society and the first ghost work was up in East Windsor, at a restaurant. The place was busy and the head-waitress directed us up to the attic to work there until it quieted down. That alone is a great story. Downstairs we found a ghost, a female that had died in childbirth, and was still bleeding.

Not knowing what to do, I shoved as much healing energy at her as I could, it made a slight difference. We had to leave her as is, the place did not want its ghosts removed.

A long time has passed, but I hadn’t forgotten. Present were Anne N, Michelle P, Crystal P and myself. Crystal had been there with me but hadn’t remembered, it wasn’t as significant as my first time. The restaurant was crowded and noisy and while we waited for more of the invited ghost workers to show up, I filled them in on the ghost activity there. The ghost who’d died in childbirth was still there and I called her to join us. It was neat to see them pointing to the middle of the next table adjoining ours, to the ghost there was no table there.

We talked with her, got to know her, feel her suffering. Notable was her anger, how her future, her hopes, her life was ruined. It took a while of empathizing before we got her to what was underneath that anger – sadness. A lot of sadness, eventually she was curled up sobbing and refusing to interact any more.

Shining light from above on her, and trying some more, we got more information, a clearer picture of her situation, to experience how her body felt, a lot of nodding in agreement when it was described. This was a tag team effort, as each person tired, another would step in to take on the sadness, to hold her, comfort her.

She would not move on. But she did want to see her baby, in retrospect, we hadn’t noticed the lack, the emptiness, just explaining away that the baby had moved on. So I took her up, and rejoined them, giving an aside to my team-mates that the guides upstairs would recreate the environment for her, a safe place to rejoin her child. Still she wouldn’t move on.

Michelle had recently met an Ascended Mother angel and asked her for help, this angel was a no-nonsense type and quickly gathered up the grieving mother and child and took them away, for further healing and consoling. Suddenly the job was done. I told the group that if the mother refused to move on they, the higher spirits would not keep her there, and I invited the team members to check in on her in the near future, there would be a room set aside for her to heal.

We were exhausted, it had been a good work-out, an emotional work-out.

Back to Earth, the food and drink was excellent, we should do more ghost work and dining out.