Back home, underground railway building

Checking in with my friend Ashley, she wanted me to do some energy work on a nearby building in Deep River where she thought a ghost was present. The place is mentioned as used in the underground railway during the Civil War.

The place is a factory, rebuilt and improved. No-one in to ask if I could wander round, so opened up my senses and was drawn to the back, looking up to the second floor. A ghost looked down from there, but first I had to clean out the energy, tapping in to it, redirecting it to Earth, the first 3 layers I’d didn’t recognize, then came a heavy feeling of suppression, then betrayal, not allowed an impact or choice, this did seem match an escaped slave’s condition, not allowed self-expression, seeing hateful actions which hurt the heart, finally feeling cut off from God.

Ashley asked why it was so cold when I did this work, to me it’s normal, the energy I take on or pass on to Earth is hiding from the Light.

Finally clear of stuck energy, I talked with the ghost. Ashley was in a hurry so I held hands with the ghost and took him up, handing him off to someone who would take him the rest of the way further into Heaven.