Caribbean events

Thanks to my friend Jodi, I went on a 10 day Caribbean cruise, did some energy work and chatted with one ghost.

I read the palm of Samantha, one of the staff on the cruise ship and was delighted to find out she’d bought a palm-reading book and wanted to learn and she wanted to be a healer. Each day I’d spend time with her, touching on such matters, rapid teaching, with the promise of following up with previously written notes and adding more where needed.

Two of the passengers we accompanied needed some aura and chakra work, describing the blockages, which they acknowledged, for them to think about and work out.

In Grand Cayman, I walked along the beach road, finding two cemeteries beside the road, a ghost at one walked with me, he wasn’t able to work through his issues so I left him with a guide. I’d wondered if there would be a translation problem, didn’t notice one, not sure if the ghost knew English, so wasn’t sure. Found Smith Beach and had a great time snorkeling.