Home town ghosts

Priscilla:  I joined Paul, Sharon and Michelle at the client’s condo.  The family had been experiencing a multitude of paranormal events. Some seemed to have moved with them from a previous home. Walking into their home I immediately felt an anxious, fearful energy in the front hallway.  As I walked through into the living room,I left that feeling behind and felt a very loving, caring warmth surrounding the family.  I had a strong sense that this energy was the spirit of the client’s grandmother. She is a very strong protective presence filled with love.

Getting back to the feeling of anxiety and fear. which I also felt on the basement stairs. It seemed to be residual female energy of a domestic abuse victim. I tried to move her on, letting her know the threat is gone. She relaxed a little but was hesitant to move on. Michelle had identified a male spirit who seemed to be the source of the anxiety and fear. I will leave it to her to explain. But once Michelle moved him along the anxious female spirit was lifted and freed too.

Paul and Sharon will explain their experiences.

My strongest connection to this family seemed to come from the client’s grandmother.  She has a strong presence in their home.  It is her energy I feel is shaking her bed.  It is as if she wants to wake her, to connect directly with her. I truly felt warmth and love from this spirit.  I made no attempt to move her on.  I believe she has a message of love and she is a protective energy that will keep her family safe, happy and surrounded by light.

Michelle: A friend of mine gave me a heads up about her ex-daughter-in-law and her teenage granddaughters’ having issues at her home in Cromwell. One of the granddaughters what she thought was a man pacing up and down the upstairs hallway. Another granddaughter heard a woman’s voice. There was also a feeling of somebody being in the mother’s bed. The mother also reported hearing banging and pictures being moved around. I felt an intense anxiety filled energy in the hallway as you walk in the door, to the point where I felt nauseous. I was seeing a woman collapsing on the floor in the hallway from her injuries, but I wasn’t sure where the injuries came from. At the same time, Priscilla was in the living room feeling a loving grandmother energy that was protecting the mother, and that very much wanted to reach out to her granddaughter. It was hard to decipher whether what we saw was just a replay of the event that happened many years ago, or if the spirit was still in the house. We then proceeded to the finished basement, and found some stuck energy in the corner of the laundry room, with Sharon took care of. Then we went back upstairs, and Priscilla worked on the basement steps. We then went upstairs to the second floor and the master bedroom had some stuck energy behind one of the dressers. Paul tried a new way to transform the energy, as it was difficult to do it the typical way. Sharon worked on transforming the energy on one side of the bed, which was the side the mother slept on. I felt strong energy hit me in the face when I walked into the bedroom parallel to the spot that the mother slept in. This feeling decreased as the stuck energy was transformed. Priscilla first encountered the angry man in the hallway. He was pacing back and forth, and seem to be from the 1970s the way he was dressed and the way his hair looked. We concluded that he was the abuser of the woman that we had picked up on in the hallway, and he was upset we were there. After trying to ascend him myself with one of my male guides, the man got belligerent and felt like he was being backed into a corner. At that point I called in Archangel Michael to assist and I felt the energy shift, and the spirit went home. Priscilla went to go check the hallway and had me check it, and it was much lighter. We then went into another bedroom upstairs, and transformed some light stuck energy. Sharon and I did not feel anything in the closet, however when Paul went in, the woman spirit must have felt threatened by a male presence, and he saw her cowering in the back of the closet. At that point, Sharon and I both picked up on her, and Sharon sent her on her way. We concluded the visit with aura checks on all of the residents of the home. One of the daughters had some stomach issues and Paul assisted with some energy work. I checked mom, and there were issues with her heart chakra and something with her right ankle, and I gave her Reiki in both areas. She later reported to me that she felt much lighter, but couldn’t explain why. The house is now clear. A wonderful experience for everyone.

Paul: I decided to have Priscilla lead as she’s now skilled to do so, I stayed in the background, backing up their work, mostly cleaning up stuck energy as the three ghost workers were doing the heavy lifting. I found some stuck energy that resisted, that was new, when I tried interacting with it as animated energy, I only got a different resistance, that of survival, this was new, stuck energy that was alive but only enough consciousness to survive, so I took it up there to join more of it’s kind, and got a faint thank you, made me happy, something new. The ghost workers were having trouble finding the female ghost, so my turn. Entering a deep closet I felt an energy of someone hiding, fearful of discovery, the feeling changed as I started to leave so I knew this was the ghost, as stuck energy doesn’t change (unless we work on it). This ghost was afraid of men, so had not responded strongly when the ladies entered. Once they knew she was there, they moved her on.

Well done Priscilla, Michelle and Sharon, I almost wasn’t needed!

Client and daughters liked what we did, as always clients are welcome to join us as we do the work, the dog liked us too, and all were feeling lighter when we finished.