Return to Meriden

The client called us back (Stressed in Meriden), the man bothering her had returned. Michelle and Sharon were available so we returned a few days after the call. It was an opportunity to get deeper into sharing energy fields and interacting with a ghost, feeling (and seeing and hearing his responses) and working through his issues. Having three of us working with him at the same time, yes that can be done, time is not the same when you’re in spirit, it helped us three still embedded in time, to do the job. All three of us felt the changes as he worked through his issues, our bodies feeling the impacts. The symbology in our communications added to the messages, pictures helped to enhance them, reinforcing the feelings.

Here’s what Michelle wrote about it:  I had previously posted a few weeks back about a house we did in Meriden with an angry Polish ghost man, who we believe was one of the previous owners. We got a call from the current owner stating that the first couple of weeks after we left, she felt lighter and felt a clean energy in the house. However, as time went on, he had returned, as her neighbor twice at two different times felt a tapping on her arm when she was in the basement. The owner reports taking a shower recently and feeling a presence watching her. Sharon, Paul, and I went back to the site and at first, we felt nothing but stuck energy here and there. We then asked the neighbor to come over, and sure enough, as soon as she went downstairs, the ghost tapped her on the arm and upset her. Sharon also felt the tap on her arm, and about five minutes later I also felt a very light touch on my arm in the same place. Sharon and I also experienced somebody brushing the same side of our chins seconds apart from each other. It was the same man, and this time, I saw him very upset and animated. Sharon and I first called in Angel Michael, who surrounded him with his wings. However, the ghost was resisting him. We then called Blessed Mother in, and she sent unconditional love. We finally got him to go up, but it was reluctantly. After he went to the light, I became very hot and lightheaded for a few minutes. This was a first as I’ve never had that happen before after sending a spirit to the light. Paul was concerned that because he went up reluctantly, he may return again. Therefore, Paul taught us to blend with his energy, and the three of us saw him in a dark, windy place sitting with his spirit guide, angry and upset at himself for not living a fulfilled life. All three of us spent a half an hour talking to him, having him relive moments of his life that were meaningful, sending him love and kindness, and reminding him (Paul showed him his funeral) that others loved him too. Paul reminded him about past he had lived, and that he could do it better in the next life. I also was observing things he was showing me, such as his love of card playing and of family get-togethers. It was a roller coaster of emotions as we felt his stomach pain, his throat get choked up with emotion, and his fear in his chest. Sharon also felt the strange heat sensation during this time that I had felt after we help him go to the light, and stated to us that she hasn’t experienced a hot flash in many years. Towards the end of having him blend with our energy, Sharon and I felt a weight lifted and felt he was in a better place. We hope that he will stay and leave our client in peace.