Something was definitely wrong. This ghost was messing with us. I’m referring to the recent ghost work in Meriden. If I didn’t know, or if it was what I suspected, then I couldn’t protect my trainees and I went back alone.

One minor detail, the ‘stuck energy’ was it still there? Yes. And it felt like something I remember and it wasn’t ghost related. Easy to fix, I could remove it now and I’d tell the trainees about it later.

This ghost was going down. Literally. I took it down into the Earth and handed it off to one of the entities there who said he’d take care of it, but something still didn’t feel solid.

I got a message from one of my guides before I arrived home, the ghost was back, so I wasn’t surprised when the client called the next morning.

I needed help, ideas, and knew some higher entity would know what to do. Better if I visited a few of them. My guides reminded me of what we often do with a ghost, ask it who it missed, who it wanted to be with, family usually. I hadn’t asked. Next, find out about that blessing, was it using it as a shield, holding it up between us so we couldn’t see it’s true nature? Check in with his higher spirit.

The answers I got confirmed this wasn’t a ghost. His higher self said something no higher self would say, that it had intended this life to be a miserable unhappy life, period. All illusion. His family was ‘demonic’ entities. Not actual demons, that would be implying a lot more malevolence etc. He showed me that blessing, wrapping it in front of him then pulling it back, I’d taken him up there and he stood unaffected by the Light, still dark, a glimpse of another ‘shield’ to make him look human.

More meditation and ask for some mundane help. Speaking with Celtic warrior-goddess Morrigan, she suggested a binding spell that would force this entity to only do good. What a wicked sense of humor. Speaking with a Witch friend, she’d conversed with Morrigan and knew about her. I’d told one of the trainees, Michelle, over coffee about the latest, I’d get to Sharon later, and Michelle started texting with Missy, the Witch to find out more, a banishing spell was more appropriate. I’d talked with Crystal, she’d had experience with a demon hunting group and knew what to do. Both mentioned finding a portal and sealing it. My thought was that banishing would just push this entity off onto someone else, the neighbors probably, and that wasn’t good enough. Missy educated me.

So we’re going back …

My Witch friend Missy couldn’t make it so it would be just me and Crystal Pavis, another ghost worker who had belonged to a demon-hunting group. She knew what to do and brought supplies. When we arrived, a neighbor was present, she too had been harassed by this ghost and was able to add more details, helping Crystal to understand what was happening.

This was Crystal’s show, so we explored first, found the same two areas of activity, and tried Holy Water, with no effect. There was some tension when she pulled out a holy cross, little response to the herb spray, two types of Sage plus Lavender. Crystal suspected the ghost had moved away, so I found it and pulled it to here and now, keeping a grip on it so it wouldn’t leave. We then had a conversation with it, I was getting better results as I operate from feelings, Crystal said it wasn’t speaking english, the sounds weren’t translating. It was amused by our efforts.

Crystal tried Holy Water again, little effect. The cross definitely worried it, maybe no harm but the ghost wasn’t sure of what it might do. Sage spray slightly bothered it. Time for plan B.

Both Crystal and Missy had talked about a portal, but further discussion revealed this meant something different to my experience of a portal. I went seeking one and found something, Crystal used a pendulum which directed her outside the apartment but facing it, on the opposite side of the wall to where I’d found something, so we agreed, sort of. I went back inside and extended my awareness down the hole, through the portal and found a place, far away, empty, but entities like our ghost were there watching, not liking my intrusion. I returned, grabbed the ghost, a brief discussion, it was willing to return but nervous, how odd! It was going down, I took it down and returned to that other place, his friends not welcoming him because he had changed, thanks to his time up here, he glowed! So I took away the light from our plane that had altered him and this was the first time I’d felt him to be grateful, and he joined his friends. I grabbed the end of the portal and detached it, pulled it up with me, closing off the passage, but not before returning that plane’s energies that had combined with ours to make the tube. Sealed our end and went outside to clean off the energies.

Crystal said I wasn’t done yet, her guides had told her I had to sage it. So I did, just the basement, an extra sealant on the hole repair. Her guides said that was sufficient. Still some residual effects, the portal had been in place so long that our plane had been warped by it, so I grabbed the deforming energy and took it up there, not knowing where else to take it, and they were nice enough to redirect it, they would do the clean up.

Checking in with the neighbor who was worried she might still have a connection with the ghost, I did an aura check, no hooks in her, she had some (energy) issues but she laughed, she knew about them and was working on them.

Finger’s crossed this time. Time for coffee and cake, I was hungry again from doing all this work. Crystal was hungry too, that was a workout.

I had to go back again, something was there and had moved a lightweight stool near where the portal had been. Anything touched by an entity is reachable by timelining, I found it, grabbed it and felt it, a draining and darkness, no conversation. Don’t try this until you’ve got experience. I transformed it, reduced it until it was gone. It wasn’t alive, no soul, some new form of animated energy unfamiliar to me. You don’t do this to a soul.

It’s been a week and no more calls from the client, and then …. (see Aha!)