Unfinished business

We got called back to Wallingford, last there February 2019, the son was getting scratches and other stuff going on. When Priscilla and I last went there we knew there was unfinished business, but the client didn’t need us back. Priscilla wasn’t available but I had two willing trainees, Michelle and Sharon. I had them read these notes from that time so they could get up to speed, this was likely to take a while. I hadn’t told them about my agenda.

The client brought us up to date, lots going on. The trainees could handle the grunt work, clearing out stuck energy, finding and talking with the ghosts, moving them on. I headed out to the big tree out back, my team trailing. The tree had been around when the KKK stuff was going on, all three of us could feel the unpleasant energy absorbed by the tree. Timelining I found the action and worked to transform and clear it away with help from my team.

The client reported activity in the shed, which we handled, recent stuff. Back inside the house, the first room now had a flat floor, the contractors could find no reason why it had buckled. We found out why, all three of us taking on the trauma of a woman raped there. Very messy, but she was moved on, to heal up there.

More ghost work, Michelle wrote excellent notes which I’ll add at the end of my notes. Actually a lot of ghost work, I had to stop twice for green tea with honey to resupply myself with energy, I must be getting old.

About two hours done, and Michelle and Sharon are working another room, really pulling their weight on this call, and the son mentions the light flickered and the electrical stuff flashed a couple of days ago, early a.m. I explained that I was going to visit that past moment to find out what was going on, and sat down on the bedroom floor, this might take a while, better get comfortable. I was there, flashes, and felt some powerful entity looking down on this house, and not happy with what was going on. Ouranos rules light and awareness and more, he was seeing darkness and evil and confusing / covering energies at work and he wanted it gone. Then he looked right at me and said “Do it”. I could see the darkness despoiling the ground, the evil activities done by the KKK against the African Americans living and working there. Job one, clean out the ground. That took a long time, multiple trips out to the road, outside the property to clean myself of energies, but it got done. Now I could see how the house was warped energetically by the lies spoken at those times to justify abusing the African Americans and the enthusiastic support of white slavers. More trips outside to remove energies but the house was now straight, clean.

Time to check in with Michelle and Sharon, you’ll have to read Michelle’s notes to find out what they did. they were exhausted and headed out. I was still teeming with energy, and someone there needed it, the client’s husband. We talked, techniques, working with his aura, more talk.

It was late, already past my bed time and I’d missed dinner. I’d write up these notes another day.

Here’s Michelles notes:

I went with Sharon and Paul tonight to a home in Wallingford that had a high amount of activity last year, that was originally taken care of by Priscilla and Paul. They had returned to the house a couple of times as there were multiple spirits. Paul told me they had found out that this was a meeting house for the KKK many years back, and the home was some kind of meeting place for many kinds of spirits that were attracted to the negative energy. The family was experiencing a large amount of activity again, and the owner stated that she and the family has had crazy dreams and seen/felt spirits. The first thing we did was feel a large tree in the backyard that may have been a place where lynchings took place. The energy was intense coming off the trunk of the tree. Paul worked on transforming it, and gaining more knowledge about the meeting place. The backyard itself was heavy. I didn’t know how to describe what I was feeling at first. Then the owner described a pressure on her head-that is what I was feeling too. We then went to the shed, which had a strange spirit. My mediumship mind immediately went to the character Michael Myers as he had that kind of feel to him-mentally ill, scarred, and raging. He was dressed in more of a 1970’s era type of way. One of the teens later verified that she had seen him the same way I did. I tried to talk with him-found out he felt “unloved” and unwanted”. He said he liked being with the family, fed off their positive energy and love for each other, and he especially liked the music they played. Paul asked me what he wanted, and I said love. Paul then had me ask him where he could get that love, and he said his mom. Paul said “Call his mom in then”. It never occurred to me to do this! I called her in and she came immediately. Paul felt the shift. The two of them talked, and later, he was gone. We then went to music room, which was part of a recent addition to the house. I felt an intense energy in one spot in the room. The owner confirmed that the floor had buckled there with no explanation. There is an air conditioner there, so the owners thought perhaps it was a condensation issue. However, a professional came out and said that was not the case, and he didn’t know why it buckled. I then felt a woman’s energy who was beaten and raped, coming from the ground underneath the addition. We all saw that it was an African American lady. We helped send her on. The next room was a bedroom. Sharon took charge of this room and felt much residual energy coming from it. Sharon took the energy and transformed it. Next was a living space that used to be the master bedroom. I felt there were two spirits in this space-one was an aunt who had just passed (much of her furniture was in the room), and the other was the owner’s mother, whom she stated was protecting the family. We left them alone as they were doing good there. The family kept saying “wait until you get upstairs”, therefore I was anxious to do so. The teens in the home showed us all sorts of photographic and video evidence that spirits were up there. They also stated that they felt an extreme heaviness upstairs, and have heard and seen things themselves. We went upstairs, and the first bedroom had three spirits. One was a little boy and a baby in a closet hiding. Sharon moved them up. The second, who Sharon found, was a large built African American man who was upset and angry about his life. Paul and Sharon worked on him. The third was the one I worked with-a thin, scared African American young man who was scrunched down in the corner, crying, saying he “wanted a do over”. His energy and the others made some in the room dizzy. Some also (including me) felt “foggy”. Some actually did see fog. When I overlapped my energy with the spirit I was working with, I started to become hot, and feel very emotional. I got a sharp pain in my back and my side. I felt ear pain. I also felt the noose around his neck, and saw that he was dragged by a horse into the street. I called his mother in, as well as Blessed Mother, as he too needed love and kindness to move on. The next room was smaller, and also had three spirits. This is the room that they felt had the most EMF activity, and they showed us how the meter was moving. The first spirit I encountered was an angry, guilt ridden white man who was a part of the KKK movement. I felt my head pound when encountering him. It took a while to move him on, and Archangel Michael assisted with this one. I could see their cat was wide eyed and could see the spirits. The second one, who I did not feel at first, Sharon found on the top shelf of the closet, cowering. She moved him on. However, when I checked the closet, there was yet another spirit up there. A train came to mind, and Sharon saw “a movie in her head unravel” of a man who tried to help others escape, and ended up not being able to save them all. He then was beat up badly in his stomach (I had previously felt his intense stomach pain). He was then moved on. The kitchenette was next on the 2nd floor (the main kitchen had no activity). I felt a protective spirit named Peter who was the caretaker of the home. He chose not to move on as he wanted to keep them safe. The final spirit was a squirrely energy in the bathroom. It was a low level entity that had played tricks on the family many times, hiding items on them, and manipulating them. Sharon and I put a spiritual net over him and sent him to the low level energy “holding place”. Paul did some aura work to help the family heal, in particular, the father, who had been manipulated by some of the spirits before. Paul suggested keeping strong boundaries in place. This was the most haunted place I have been to so far. When I drove home, I felt one the entities following me. However, with the help of a few spirit guides, a spiritual friend who tuned into my energy remotely, my sage, and my (awful LOL) singing on the way home, it left. The first song that came on was by George Michael the pop star (no longer with us) “Freedom”. One of the lines is “I don’t belong to you, and you don’t belong to me”. Thank you George

The client texted, very happy, impressed. Thank you Michelle and Sharon.