Making ghost work not scary

The Estelle Cohn Memorial Dog Park in Norwich CT is a site where about 200 people are buried. They were the poor and the mentally challenged who were moved out to the edge of town, to an Almshouse. 16 people died when it burned down. The house was rebuilt and again was destroyed. Rebuilt once more, A memorial plaque can be seen there (see photos). The original notification came from a Facebook group FourScore & 10, passed on to me by Priscilla, but their site is private and no copies allowed. On further searching, another site said about 100 people had been buried on the hill behind the dog park, so we paid attention to that area too.

Scarier than usual, so many mentally challenged ghosts, and some killed by fire, most feeling abandoned, neglected and unwanted. Michelle and Christy took up the challenge, Sharon would have too but was busy elsewhere enjoying a family event. One observer, Erin, a friend of Michelle and Sharon. My job was to make it safe, remove the scary. A very quick talk with Erin about protection and then on to the ghost work.

Job one, heal the ghosts, first the mentally challenged, then any who had been burnt before dying, then any other medical issues, finally sending love to attend to their hurt feelings. We ran the colors, adding white then pink. I could feel the initial tension there was reduced, but not yet gone.

Michelle had ghosts coming up to her and she recruited the help of a ghost nurse then an orderly to gather them before we moved them on. Christy went ahead and moved on ghosts as they appeared before her. I was still methodically on job one.

Almost all healed, job two, send them on. Plenty for all, Michelle started with the group she’d collected. Me next, up they went. Moving to a different section, Christy was next. Nice work everyone. Erin, a sensitive could feel the work, all of us finding the tension in the area much reduced. Thank you to all the guides who helped.

Now to find the ones that hadn’t or couldn’t move on. I suggested sending our senses into the Earth and immediately we found more, Michelle found some hiding and one who thought he was still blind. All sent on up, with the help of guides. Now that’s how you do ghost work safely.

Here’s Michelle’s comments on today’s work:

Went today with Paul, Christy and Erin, as Priscilla had heard that there was a psychiatric hospital at the location of the Norwich dog park many years ago, and a fire happened, in total almost two hundred people perished in this area. This was Erin’s first time with the ghost group, and she was there to observe and see what she could feel. Upon arrival, as soon as I hit the grass, I felt an energy shift immediately hit my face and my body, as it felt scattered and chaotic. I felt this before on ghost jobs when there was a strong soul presence. I felt lightheaded, nausea, and had a small headache. We were then instructed to walk around and send purple energy for anxiety and red energy for circulation and health. I also decided the souls needed love, so I sent pink energy mixed in. The souls came to me in droves. I had to tell them to organize themselves, as they were all coming to me for help at once. I eventually found a nurse who helped me calm them and organize them. Later I found an orderly who was also assisting.

I heard a voice tell me that they didn’t like the dogs in the dog park, and Christy had picked up that the dogs’ excrement was offensive to some of them, but others enjoyed the dogs. After the calming energy was sent and the place felt more settling, we were then instructed do a technique that Michael had taught Paul years ago where we gather the spirits together, have them concentrate on a beautiful summer day to calm them, have them notice their guides with them and tell them to follow their guides to the light, while helping send them up. When it was Paul’s turn, I felt my throat closing up, and therefore we all sent blue energy to the area before moving them on. Christy believe there to be a spirit around that was not happy we were there. When it was Christy’s turn, I felt a strong urge to a house across the street where I felt stragglers were hanging out, knowing that the owners of that house knew about the spirits. I helped guide the souls across the street and they were sent on by Christy. I left the two houses across the street with a Reiki protection symbol. We then were to check for stragglers and I found three. One was the orderly with a very disturbed patient, the other was a patient that still was convinced he was blind and hiding behind a log on a hill. I told the blind patient he could see now and could come out behind the log. All three were moved on. We tried to get as many souls as we could, as we were there an hour and a half. Another wonderful learning experience.