With every crisis, opportunity. Working in Meriden, and it went sideways (see recent posts), I had to do some thinking, inviting my Guides to help.

There wasn’t just one site. Things were entering from neighboring properties, and the client could not get access inside, so it would entail remote work, from the parking lot for best results, as close as I could get.

The first remote work wiped me out, I went home, ate and slept. A week later did the second location, not much activity there, cleaned it out, there had to be more, but where?

I called in on the client, some improvement but she said there was still something under the stairs in the basement. We’d missed it? Hard to believe so I went into the basement and applied the usual techniques, but sensed something, hiding? Another idea, thank you, guides, use the Queen Nefertiti technique but extend into my energy field already overlapping the space under the stairs. Weird, but I did it. Something was blocking the 3rd chakra, there was something there. No communication, so it had to be animated energy, hiding, and operating at the 3rd chakra emotions. It would not come out of hiding, so I grabbed the whole field, with the hiding animated energy and took it ‘up there’ to a place that would welcome it, and it left, no gratitude, still wanting to impose its ‘will’ on others.

Now to give a mini-refresher to the Ghost workers on what I’ve learnt.