Home town ghosts, again

Today we were joined by Anne, this was her first ghost work job since class, so I spent more time with her, I felt sure the two regulars Michelle and Sharon would do fine, and would recognize if there was a problem and call me. We returned (see Sept 2020, Home town ghosts) for more of the same, things going bump in the night, the boyfriend seeing the bedroom door open and felt his foot touched, one daughter heard arguing in the basement while everyone was asleep upstairs, laundry detergent bottle knocked to the floor, twice, the dog staring downstairs with nothing visible to human eyes. I’d gotten a text a couple of evenings ago, a daughter had been scared by the ghost activity, I recommended the client call out aloud asking for her Guides to protect her and the family until we could get there. On arrival, the client said it had been all quiet since, so thank you to her Guides.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Went to a house in Cromwell this evening with fellow ghost workers Paul, Sharon and Anne. It was a house that we had been at before, and the angry male spirit had returned, as well as some stuck energy, some poltergeist activity (thought forms), an animated low level spirit, and two women – one was an aunt and one was a friend of the owner’s. The owners reported that the dog has been “seeing things” that weren’t there. They also reported that they heard a musical jingle, then something falling in the kitchen when no one was there. One night, the older daughter thought she heard her sister and her mother arguing in the basement where her room is, and when she called her mother, she had been woken up by the call, as no one was in the basement. Another time, they heard the outside screen door open and close for no reason. Sharon and I went upstairs to the second floor, and Paul and Anne went downstairs to the basement. Paul and Anne were to address the laundry room first, as one of the daughters heard a bang and saw the laundry detergent on the floor two separate times. Anne was able to clean up much stagnant energy and send away an animated spirit in the room. While I was standing in the hallway on the 1st floor, I felt our man from the last visit had returned, and the anger and fear I felt from this spirit was palpable to Sharon as well. We went upstairs, and went into one of the teen daughter’s rooms. When we entered the room, you could feel the difference in the energy between the 2nd floor hallway (which was calm) and the room. Sharon and I both got his name at the same time-coincidentally, it was Paul. His description was also on target with both of us – tall man, flannel shirt, work boots, jeans, wavy dark short hair, and clean shaven (he showed me a moustache last time). The spirit recognized us, and immediately told me to leave him alone, that this was his house (he used to live there in the 70’s), and he didn’t want to leave it again. I saw him draw a knife in front of himself, as if he was holding a sword, a symbol I took as a “leave me alone” sign. Sharon and I tried to reason with him. We then called his spirit team in. Sharon came up with the idea of reminding him that he is loved , and his mother came to mind-then she came in to help, a short woman with a lot of love and empathy. The spirit was then starting to heal, revealing memories to us about his childhood, the neglect and abuse from his father and his school, and how he lashed his anger onto others in order to channel it somewhere. Sharon and I were feeling intense heartache, having trouble with our breathing, and our throats were blocked. During this, we started to really channel him. I was doing things with my hands I don’t normally do (e.g. putting my fingers in a thinking position that I’ve never done before, pounding my fists into my hands, and putting my hands up to “protect my face”). At one point, Sharon and I were both rocking back and forth for no reason, other than we felt him doing it. His spirit team of three then formed a circle around him, and sent him up. Sharon and I then did a technique called “Queen Nefertiti’s headdress” where we filled the room with spinning colors of the 7 chakras in order to clear the energy, twice to be sure. I also picked up on some energy from a can in the room that I transformed. Sharon cleared the energy in the closet. We then proceeded to go to the master bedroom, where there was some stuck energy. We found the two female spirits-one an aunt and the other a friend, who were not ready to leave because they were protecting the owner of the home. We asked them to move on, but to feel free to check on the family on occasion. Paul brought us back into the bedroom later to teach us how to take care of poltergeist energy, as the boyfriend of the owner saw the bedroom door open and close, heard two knocks on it, and was poked on his foot. Sharon took the bed and I the door, and Paul had us timeline them – my job was to go back to the point of the knocking. Then we were to “grab” the energy, and send it up to the heavens. The feeling of the energy was certainly different than what I have experienced in the past-chaotic, but not scattered like animated energy. We then went back downstairs to the basement to check on Paul and Anne’s work, and Paul checked ours. There was only a small amount of energy stuck in the laundry room left that Sharon found that I took care of. The family felt their auras were in tact, and did not want energy healing. Let’s’ hope this spirit does not return.

The ghost workers met at my place an hour earlier to go over the latest news and techniques from a different call that went Sideways (see October 2020) and a general refresher.

Comments by Anne: laundry room. There were ” gobs and gobs” of stuck energy in that basement laundry dry room. I told Paul that you could have spent all night just moving armloads of it outside, much like taking armloads of clothing out of an old closet. 4 or 5 trips were enough for me! The area fostered rocks, plants, animals, energy from it’s time of eternity, standing as a wild hillside, before the recent condo development was built. These energies were still present in the basement foundation of the condo’s laundry-room. In the far right corner of the basement resided the energy of a former pet, or fox. It had found a kind of contentment there, a kind of spot it could identify with, and also had no desire to leave. In accordance with Paul’s instruction, I moved the pet or fox, out of the laundry room corner, and up to heaven. I also felt that I could not guarantee the return of this entity. Paul said our job was to clean out the space for right now, and if these creatures returned, that was to be dealt with later. Their return was not our problem at this moment. (Never had an animal return, yet. (Paul)). In the corner of the basement, Paul pointed out an energy form, huddled up as it were, as though it were a kind of squatting or huddled up grey gargoyle. This energy was sullen, but wanted to just stay where it was. It felt no need to leave, was sullen, and didn’t need not want my interference. Paul said to move it up, to Heaven. I explained that it felt a kind ship with the rocks and dirt, the earth, and didn’t want to go. Paul said to move it upwards, anyway. We encased the creature in white light, and moved it upwards. I told the owner of the property about this entity appealing to me as a type of rock spirit, and that I couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t return. (No harm done, they won’t keep it up there if it didn’t want to stay, overcoming its sullenness to find out where it would prefer would take some time. (Paul)). Upon returning to the basement laundry room, a box of holiday decorations held bright feeling pockets of vibrant energy, just sitting amongst the ribbons and fake fruit, like abandoned grapes on a vine!! Very odd, but the energy was essentially positive, just nesting amongst the decorations! I allowed this to adhere to my fingers, and took it outside, as well, shaking my hands off, when I got outside.

“NOTES FROM THE BASEMENT LAUNDRY ROOM!” This was my first experience with ” stuck” energy, as well as non-human energy. As I entered the laundry room, Paul instructed me to feel the stuck energy festering within boxes and piles of stored holiday decorations and piled up personal possessions. I spent 4 or 5 trips with ” stuck” energy attached to my left arm (much like goodie marshmallow on a stick!), taking the energy outside the client’s walk-out basement, and throwing it down the hill, towards Middletown, and then brushing off my Aura. The energy wanted back in the condo (!) , and would try to whoosh back in the basement walk-out, even billowing out the black-out curtains on one trip!

Anne could sense stuff in the laundry room, we cleared out stuck energy, then some animated energy, then used the latest technique to deal with the poltergeist that had knocked the detergent bottle, and probably did other stuff, cleaning off the energies by taking them outside and brushing ourselves down. I’d taken quick breaks to check on Michelle and Sharon, then back to the next task with Anne. Anne felt an animal energy in the basement, a fox, and took that up to a forested area of Heaven.

I knew Michelle and Sharon would have to spend quite a lot of time working on the angry ghost issue, lots of communication and understanding, helping him work through his issues, I asked, but they didn’t need my help.

I took a break, green tea, thank you while everyone else continued working, then guided Michelle and Sharon on the new poltergeist technique. I talked, they did the actual work. Beds cleaned of any stuck energy too.

Thank you Sharon for asking the client and family if they had any issues, attachment or ghost related, they were clear. Thank you all, the client loved it, bonus, it’s a small world, all the ghost workers had other connection to the client’s family.