I have a feeling …

I was asked to check out an apartment, the owner reported having an uncomfortable feeling about something being there, and a visitor commented “you have a ghost”.

Not much else going on there so I didn’t call in the troops, and it wasn’t a ghost. Stuck energy BUT it was much bigger than typical stuck energy. But first some background. The client recently had to clear out her basement, throw a lot of stuff away, the salvageable stuff now taking up a lot of space in her living room. That’s where I felt the “stuck” energy. More background – the client has been surviving for many years, “hanging by her fingertips”. This “stuck” energy was composed of that same feeling, of hanging in there, and had been uprooted from its home in the basement, now forced into the ‘light’ of the living room, too big to hide.

No interaction with it, so not a ghost, and not animated, it just stayed in place … when I asked if she’d been having disturbed sleep, she said yes, troubled dreams, so this “stuck” energy did move, only to feed while she slept then back to its hiding place. Not yet aware, not completely stuck.

I’d checked the bed, no stuck energy there, nothing animated, the rest of the house clear. So I transformed the stuck energy and took the rest outside, noting it preferred to stay at my feet level, suggestive of it wanting to wait it out, hang in there.