Pequabuck Tunnel, Plymouth CT

Coming out of winter, everyone was hungry for some ghost work, we were joined by a Witch (and energy) group called Black Hat Society lead by Missi League, of which I too am a member, as is Michelle Pellin, plus interested people, and family of the ghost workers, each sensitive in their own way, so never bystanders or observers, and experienced ghost workers Michael McFall, and Crystal Pavis doing video work. Sixteen of us met at noon at the parking lots of a local utility service and walked the short distance to the mouth of the tunnel.

Before setting off, Michelle, Jared and Sharon had noticed some otherworldly activity just beyond the parking lot, a young girl taken away by some dark energy, Joe went into the woods to get more information. Talking with Michelle’s son Jared, he’d done a more extensive web search and found much more troublesome stuff, the sort of thing that would make me say “Uh oh!” and you say “Oh s*#^”. It wasn’t going to be a simple helping three groups of people move on.

We started out together, merging our skills at first but then one group sped ahead, leaving my little group included Missi and Joe, Jared and Crystal. The power group had 4 in it, in my group just me and as I was to find out, talented sensitives in Joe and Jared. Jared felt what was going on and worked at transforming it, Joe found stuff and gave it to me to deal with it.

My first trip through to check out the place, last Sunday, I had felt 3 areas of activity, but didn’t go deeper, not wanting to wake it up and upset my friend Jodi, keeping me company. There was a lot more I’d missed.

First up, a nook where a girl had been raped, in sight of the nearer entrance, a combo effort to remove those energies. It had happened long enough ago that the woman had passed on but not up, Michael asked her to follow him and he helped her move on later.

So much, I’m forgetting some of it, Joe found a portal so I went down it, had a conversation down there and returned, closing it. Once incident involved a train passing through while part of the tunnel wall fell off, scary for the train driver. An explosion, loud noises, blast damage, someone killed, others hurt, confusion and panic, helped someone move on from that. Jared found a nook with both good and bad energies, it took a while to separate out what had happened, a guy had ended a relationship with a woman there. I was so glad to have Crystal video recording because she caught me finding a heart shape cut into the nook with someone L someone else inscribed within it, only visible with side lighting. Nailed that! The murder scene, Jared again first in, felt something, I got him to describe how it felt, then confirmed it, one worker had used a pickaxe on another worker. Healed that ghost first then moved him on.

Joe had told me there was an entity that didn’t like me, no surprise, I was removing its ‘food’, grabbed him and took him up, tried a new ghost technique previously only used for demons and it worked well, he was able to step onto the edge of Heaven. Read the book Feeding Your Demons by Tsultrim Allione for more details.

There was some dark energy hanging around near a nook, took that down below, it wanted to go, to get its expected reward, surprise, not what it got.

The faster group had moved 8 ghosts on up, they took a partial group picture, some had already walked back to the parking lots, those left had another group picture with us, and we too walked back.

Crystal and I headed out to get a bite to eat and talk about future videos and more, and a name for the group and the video channel on Youtube.

Coming up … Michelle’s notes.

Field trip today with the ghost group from Chiron and the witch group from the Black Hat Society. Many of us brought friends and family members to come along. Before we entered the tunnel, my son Jared picked up on a young woman, probably from the 70s, who was taken, dragged into the woods and murdered. Priscilla, a ghost worker, and her son, as well as me, all picked up on the girl and were able to validate what she looks like and felt like. As we were trying to help her, one of the members of the group named Joe randomly walked directly down to the woods where the girl was hurt, trying to make sense of the energy he felt. He did not know that we were trying to help her. We then proceeded to the tunnel. On the way, the energy was mischievous and animated. Sharon, Jared and I both got signals on the way there that the spirits knew we were coming in the way of strange body aches in different locations. Once we got in the tunnel, the beginning of it felt the heaviest. A giant dead rat was found by the entrance. There were quite a few, what I like to call rerun energies, of things that happened long ago, most of which was not pleasant to tap into, such as rapes and loss of life. Jared and Paul encountered some dark energy along the way and were able to transform it. Some of us, including me, were pushed by one of the spirits who was a brawny man, trying to scare and bully us, and needed to be moved on. We also encountered a little girl who was scared and alone, who Sharon took charge of, holding her hand. There was a fourteen-year-old boy who was a drug user, and an elderly homeless woman who tried to scare us by levitating (which did not work). We also at one point, all felt a cool breeze, and we were nowhere near the entrance or exit. There were about eight spirits total that we asked them to follow us out of the tunnel so that we could move them on. Michael, Sharon and I used Michael’s technique, which is where you have the spirits meet their spirit guides in a calm place, and the guides help them move on. Due to the attention to detail on all our parts, no one was hurt and no one went home with anything attached. It was a great experience.

Next, some photos for the gallery.