Union Cemetery, Easton CT – an advanced class

The weather forecast said rain, but being British, I never checked, it always rains, I saw texts from people choosing not to go. So I went anyway, got there early, the weather fine, not raining, and I started, there would be plenty left for others when they arrived.

The first ghosts were waiting at the entrance, ready to move on, or thinking so, I used Michael’s technique to start the ball rolling, most found their guides and got to work on moving on, the others I told to hang around me until I could devote time to their individual issues.

First impressions – lots to do. I had a list of issues reported: The “White Lady”, temperature anomalies, whispers and sounds, “Red Eyes” in the brush, soldiers on horseback, giggling children, fogs, strange footprints and glowing orbs.

Walking inside I started on color healing, and quickly found a problem on the right side somewhere, but before that was drawn to one particular headstone, finding her spinning in her grave, I worked to slow her down, eventually to stop and started on lifting her up to ground level. While there I noticed another headstone with the last name Seeley two rows closer to the road. Better to get pen and paper to take notes before I continued too far into this.

One car parked nearby, Michael McFall was here. so we chatted, discussed the last meet, talked about the very early days before I’d joined the Greater Hartford Paranormal Society, and passed the time in case someone else joined us. No, it would just be the two of us, and we don’t need help.

Michael told me there were 88 ghosts waiting to be moved on, but a handful would be staying behind. Totally surprised by that, we never leave any ghost behind. We’d find out more on that soon.

That headstone I’d felt, she was back down there again, aware she’d died but unwilling to move on, here was one of those Michael had mentioned. Side-bar, we talked about how we operate, for me, any ghost with issues that can’t move on, is where I’ll stay until we’ve worked out a way to move the ghost on, it’s like my medical massage, I take those who have no other way, the system has no answer and tells them to live with it. This ghost had issues, and would not rise all the way to meet us, ashamed, she stayed partially in the ground, sinking back down when I left her at the start. She felt guilty for someone dying, blamed herself. Michael was able to get her to talk with her guides, but she still had issues, until those were dealt with, she might listen, but would return to earth. Overlapping energy fields, feeling and giving feedback, the death of another was his responsibility, not hers and she went up with her guides.

Why Seeley’s grave? The “White Lady” might be Harriet B. Seeley, one of the unmarked headstones, multiple stories of why she’s still around. There were three Seeley headstones adjacent, one a husband and wife, and two others, these two knew their older relative, and with their help I was able to call The White Lady, Harriet to us. Tag-teaming, I felt she had been a few months pregnant, and was killed by the father of the child, stabbing her in the abdomen and then elsewhere, Harriet was devastated not just by the physical attack but the emotional one, and that was taking priority, not just herself but her child was being killed by a man she’d loved and expected to care for them. Tough work. It took awhile, at least until I could get to the point where physical healing could occur. She wanted her child, By now Michael had gotten us help, I asked the Soul who had intended to be her child to join us, he wanted to be her child again, so we explained how this works, she had to move on up, then choose to be born again, grow and get pregnant, this Soul would become her son. Some more issues regarding the father involved, but forewarned and on alert to find a protective father for the child and it would work out. Up she went.

Michael did what he does best and worked on moving the majority on up while I went to work on the problem on the right of the cemetery. One headstone called to me, touching it I was drawn downwards, to join a swirling mass in the darkness. Lots of healing, I chose pink for its non-judgmental style, and brought it up to the surface. Still swirling, no obvious body, quite odd, I ran through the colors to form and heal a body, reaching white, the body disappeared. Odder still, no really odd. Still present, a soul, damaged. Something new, again. Michael by now had moved everyone else on and had called in the troops with this one. We told the soul there would be a special place up there where the soul would get TLC healing at a pace set by the soul, not forced, always ready and giving to respond when the soul was ready for more. A special team arrived, not the usual friend / angel who had known the ghost in life, this seemed more like a paramedic preemie ambulance team who took extreme care in getting this soul up there.

A lot happened, we did take a break, we’re only human, I’d brought hot chocolate.

At the start, Michael had noticed there were earth guardians present, that explained the red eyes in the brush. I figured he’d dealt with the other issues by moving most of the ghosts on.

More to do … another grave to visit a few miles away, why not, we were in the area, coming up next.