Hanna Cranna’s Grave

Following on from Easton Cemetery, a short drive to Hanna Cranna’s grave, the GPS / address not quite right, better go with 61 Spring Hill Rd. Trumbull. We parked behind the cemetery and climbed the fence, walked to the front and there’s her grave, unusual thanks to the coins on top. We left those.

Web-searching Hanna Cranna, she was quite a character, outspoken, upsetting and scaring her neighbors. Society was so suppressive on women when she lived, you know where you are with a woman who speaks out.

Sharing her energy, Michael and I were more talkative and open with her, a good conversation, improved with sensing her values to go along with the words.

But she wanted to stay down here.

Michael asked how many lives had she had, a lot, and apparently this wasn’t the first time she’d refused to move on up. I said I’d speak with her higher self while Michael worked on getting her to go on up.

Another first, her higher self was damaged, broken into two. Let me explain, each of us comes down here to heal a little rift on the outside of our higher self, to fill in a gap, we are soul bits extracted from troubled areas and sent down here to heal what to us feels like a chasm, but is only a little irregularity in the spherical-ish higher self. Don’t take my word on how spherical it is, I’m only seeing the little picture.

There was no way Hanna could succeed, previous lives had tried and failed. The issue was Arrogance. Michael observed that her higher self came from somewhere very different from most of us, and this would make her more independent, most others not understanding the unique values this particular higher self held.

Still feeling her Arrogance (tempered by her wanting to help and improve others, pointing out their issues) I felt I could do what her higher self would not, I merged the two parts together, still a huge chasm at one end, and then taught them a technique to merge personalities. As I said, such arrogance.

I pointed out that both parts agreed, both had arrogance, and together the arrogance would be maintained, nothing lost, and as a rare higher self, better to rely on parts which were of the same origin rather than the majority of different higher selves found here. They could do this. Hanna moved up, very soon another Hanna would be born to continue this repair.