An old home and things going on there

A friend bought a house, 100 years old, in good shape and I finally get to visit. Creepy stuff, eerie feelings, things moving, the usual! Better start with a cup of tea with this one, and keep the water hot. A heavy fire extinguisher often moved, once toppled over, a flat surface, no reason. Poltergeist? I held the extinguisher and travelled back its timeline to the moment something tipped it, and grabbed, getting a complaint of pain! Not a poltergeist, a ghost. The language was limited, I was speaking with a child, a boy, he didn’t know what was going on, missed his mom. By the way, it’s Mother’s Day today. The bright red thing had got his attention, the fire extinguisher. I called for his Mom to show up and she did, reunited they went up together.

My friend and housemate and daughter wanted updates, asked me how old was the child? I guessed 4 or 5 years old, and was told a 5 y.o. boy had been run over and killed in the driveway years ago. Wow.

The basement next, a ghost at the top of the stairs, late teens, a woman, she appreciated the glass in the door so she could look out while she waited. Her parents had both died and the family had taken her on as a maid, giving her room and shelter. But they had moved on, she stayed behind, not knowing everyone had died many years back. After explaining the situation and waiting for the tears to subside, I asked who she wanted to see, there had been a cute boy about her age, her parents had died so she didn’t think to ask about them but asked for her aunt. Auntie Mamie was available and came down for her, taking her up.

Another ghost at the middle of the stairs, a young man, it had been his fault that a horse had died, making a big problem for some family, he felt guilty and could not move on. After working on some of his issues, we settled on him wanting to repay the damage to the family, for that he had to move on up, be judged and be willing to come back to a new body, eventually to work and repay the family, and a guide showed up to start him on his path.

There was a crowd of ghosts in the basement, 7 of them, all guys, friends, sort of, all thieves, one had died when caught in the act, another died from a broken leg running away, all felt entitled to steal, it was the victims fault to so poorly protect their property. They didn’t feel bad about what they’d done. I was annoyed, and overlaid my energy field with them so they could feel my disgust at them, how they had caused pain and suffering because they wouldn’t work hard. Only a little regret, so I showed them how close they were to going to hell, that shook them up. I told them they could not enter Heaven unless they agreed to repay those who had suffered, and while they hesitated, I let them read my mind, it was fine with me if they went down. They agreed to repay, and an Angel showed up to take them up for judgement, and to see if they were telling the truth.

Harsh? Maybe, but they were gone.