Russian Dolls? Worse!

Returning to a problem location, the client had been able to contain the trouble by being direct with it, but had continued to suffer, in more ways than one. It had to involve a portal, unknown how many entities had traversed it and bothered other people, as they could not continue to do so with the client. A quick class in Shielding had paid off big time for the client.

Knowing there had to be a portal, I persisted in looking for it, we knew the location, under the stairs, it wasn’t moving, I just couldn’t see it. What I did see was a glamor, some magical artifice used to hide something. My gaze kept on being redirected sideways. Someone had planned this. Shining Light on it, draining it, redirecting energy from it down to the center of the Earth, eventually it gave up, a slow process, not easily giving an inch. Now I could see what it had hid, a darkness.

It didn’t respond to Light. Approaching closer I was sucked to the opening, too big to pass through, this thing was pulling in stuff from our plane, and what else? I wasn’t harmed, and of course, as a portal, one must go through it to remove it. Making myself energetically smaller, in I went. A short while later, at the other end, a small chamber with entities shocked to see me. Opening up the Light, they cowered, and apologized! Not the ‘baddies’ I was expecting. They pointed to another portal, told me they were trapped there and forced to do stuff for the entity at the other end.

So I englobed them and took them with me down the next portal, a shorter distance, and let them free, nothing attacked me so I grabbed the end of that portal and pulled it back through, separated out its component energies and sealed the hole, pulled in the space of that intermediate place, grabbed the end of that portal and pulled that through, separating out our material and sending the other back down the hole before it closed over, and helped to heal it shut.

There still was darkness. I cleaned off the energies on me outside, refreshed the Light within me then returned to the job. I could see the darkness had multiple components. This was a spell. Previously I’d learned the best way to remove a spell is to force it into its component parts and transform each part. It’s like removing the words in a sentence, you take a verb, and the sentence is weakened, you take an adjective and the sentence is lessened, you keep on going until nothing is left. I got the feeling that the people who did this were all opportunists, making use of the energy already there. The spell had something to do with a barrier, let’s find out what’s behind it.

Behind was a ‘disconnect’. Whatever was trapped behind it couldn’t get out.

Everything connects, you just have to find out how. Nothing can be disconnected, I found commonalities, purposes that agreed, and the barrier was no more, what was behind it had been under pressure, a lot of space had been compressed inside, a wind blew past me.

Inside, a feeling of loneliness. Working with it, listening to it, transforming it, reducing and it was gone. Another trip outside to clean off my energy and restore my Light, I’d done it with each barrier. Back to work.

Loneliness isn’t created in a vacuum, something had to experience it, animated energy now freed, I took it home.

Stuck energy remained, all that suffering had left its mark on that space, so I cleaned it out. One more trip to clean off myself and back to clear the surrounding area, not just under the stairs, check everything was clean and head upstairs to tell the client.

The suffering I’d mentioned – she’d experienced it, assumed it was within her, yet it would not go away. Radio ‘Nasty Frequencies’ had been blasting out in her house and she couldn’t turn it off. She recognized all the stuff. We talked, I taught her “The Tibetan Technique’, a way to transform unwanted energies, another skill to add to her Shields.