Daniel Benton Homestead, in Tolland CT

Another Sunday, another ‘most haunted’ location, two ghosts betrothed but not married reported seen walking to each other’s graves on site. I had an idea even before arriving and checked in with my guides while on the property, could the young lovers be married before ‘moving on’? Jemima had overheard me and was happy and nervous, this would be her wedding day.

Arriving early, the place is scheduled open at 1pm, Michael arrived just after me, then Michelle and we get to work on the surroundings, something uncomfortable in the woods behind the house. Michael reports there’s no ‘Land Guardians’ present, not a good sign, something is keeping them away. Michelle has already made contact with Jemima Barrows, the young woman betrothed to Elisha Benton, grandson of Daniel, and feels her anxieties, both about the woods and its contents and a marriage. Michael had found out there was a portal inside the house and that the other end connected to another location on Earth, this portal had a third entry place, that meant ‘Anything’ could be with us, something new for us. I can do remote work, easy this close to the portal, and entered it, going half-way through to the connecting branch, taking that path then closing it, returning to our location. An unfriendly entity approached us, it didn’t attack, appeared as a wolf-like entity. Getting into conversation with it, and helped by a comment from Michael, about it wanting to be with its pack, I pointed out to it that it would be better for it to do its ‘trouble’ with the pack rather than solo, here, without the pack. Yes, it had come from that connecting portal place. It agreed to go, so I found a connection to send it back to its original plane without having to go through the portal.

Michelle describes the area as having an unpleasant stickiness to it, so I worked on removing that energy, feeling the Land Guardians returning to take over. Michael found one female and one male ghost and moved them on.

We walked around the house to get a ‘feel’ for it, and I chatted with a local woman who walked her dog, taking a rest in front of the homestead, she had felt guided to come this way today. We introduced ourselves, and she didn’t run away from these crazy ghost hunter types, so I included her in our activities.

No-one had arrived to open up the place, I called but got no answer. There was a heavy barrier inside the front door, but Jemima was getting impatient, so we moved to the shade and held a wedding. I asked for ‘Someone’ to come down and officiate, the first to arrive was the Groom Elisha. He’d already moved on but came back for the ceremony. Next came the Father of the Bride, a wonderful energy to him, Michelle described him as a rounded bald man before we knew who he was. Michael said there were between 20 to 30 family and friends also came down, plus 8 ghosts inside the house. Michelle contacted her Angel friends and one answered, finding the best Angel for the job. I gave a few words and got choked up. We kept silent while the marriage ceremony was conducted, quickly it turned out, and felt Jemima’s gratitude, and we gave our congratulations. Not bad for the local lady, attending a ghost wedding.

I removed the barrier at the front door, and travelled the portal, it lead to Western USA, a Native American spiritual site, and an entity there commented that problem entities had come through before (via the third entrance). I removed the portal, if someone wanted it back they could recreate it. Oops, I’d promised Michelle I’d train her on removing a portal. Not a problem, holding hands I time-lined us to just before entering the portal and rushed her through, she wasn’t ready for this strange experience, so went back and brought her through slower, we grabbed the far end and knotted it and pulled it back with us to seal off this end. My next ghost workers class I’ll be teaching portal work as well as poltergeists and magic removal.

Michael moved on the ghosts inside the house, one had gone up with the wedding party, having ‘seen the Light’.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: Today’s field trip was at the Daniel Benton Homestead in Tolland. When I got there, I felt a young woman’s presence, who did not leave me the whole time we were there. She was scared of something on the property. The three of us went to the back of the property in the woods and found several spirits. Michael found an alien like energy who was hostile and managed to move him on. There was also an older woman and a Native American man who was most likely murdered, and an area in the back of the woods where the energy was ridiculous, as it felt like walking through thick fog to get there. At one point I felt a timeline shift, and also felt light-headed and nauseous. Paul spent a lot of time transforming the energy and it felt much lighter. We then went to the house which was not open. On most of the outside of the house, Michael and I felt very calm energy. Michael did find an 8 year old boy outside the house that he swiftly moved on, and I connected it with the well that was on the property. I was shown many areas of the house that I was able to validate through pictures later, and shown many moments of connectedness in the house through mostly the kitchen and bedroom. We all found the energy of the front door to be particularly heavy, versus any other door, and all felt there was a portal inside. Paul was able to close the portal remotely and then let me feel the experience through time lining. The young woman had been following me the whole time and was excited at Paul’s idea of marrying the man (forbidden lovers) that she loved many years ago who died of smallpox. The man had already moved on but we got him to join us and archangel Chamuel was able to initiate with about 20 or 30 Spirit friends, eight of them were from the house and the rest came down on their own. She blended with me so well that I felt an urge to “hold” a bouquet, and I could feel her joy and tears of happiness. During most of the house excitement, we made a new friend and her dog Lincoln, who was so excited to learn from us, and said there are no coincidences that we met.