Just moved in to a new place, but there’s problems.

My friend Kim got a call from one of her friends, problems with her new home, did Kim know anyone who dealt with … ‘weird’ stuff, and she didn’t use the word weird. I called the client and arranged for four of us to help her out and have Kim join us.

Everyone was ready to go, I was the last to arrive and I was a bit early. Present were Priscilla, Christy and Anne. We joined the client and her room-mates and heard her story, trouble sleeping, bed vibrating, one person felt a push on the stairs, a darkness humanoid shape seen. My job was to look after the newer trainees, Priscilla leading.

Priscilla found the ghost, a girl aged 10 – 12 years old with a medical problem and who died, was still here, suffering. The ghost did not want to move on, but Priscilla found Mom and Dad who came down and the three of them helped the girl ascend, to be healed up there.

The three ghost workers moved to the next area, leaving me to clean-up, joined by Kim, we’d been pals and co-workers when we both worked on an ambulance. She wanted to know what was going on and I like to explain, and we both have a medical background, so instead of absorbing and transforming the stuck energy left behind, I overlapped my energy field to get a feel for what had affected the girl. My guess was her lungs weren’t able to clean out mucus effectively. I picked up lots of feelings about her situation within the family and the doctor’s treatment, all distant. This was important as it led to two animated energies forming elsewhere in the house.

Priscilla, eyes wide joined me, a problem! There was a portal in the house. Eyes wide, because I hadn’t taught the ghost workers how to deal with a portal, that and more is in my next class, so I gathered the team, joined by the client and a room-mate and Kim, to tell Priscilla, yeah, I volunteered her, what to do, and had Christy hold on to Priscilla to get a feel for going into a portal. Neat stuff, they did very well, if you want to know more, take my next class.

Up in the attic, Christy felt something so I identified it, animated energy and described the emotional content, and Christy took it up and found a home for it. In the basement Anne found the other animated energy, again I described the basic quality and she really got into experiencing it, depression and not being wanted, this energy did not want to leave her! A little coaching and it too joined up with its home energy.

In the client’s bedroom, checking the energy within the bed, Christy found the same energy as her animated energy, it had come down at night to induce the client to produce more of the emotion it fed on, the client was happy to be validated in her night time experiences. The energy always stays on the side of the bed where the client sleeps, I’d got nothing, as the client slept on the side Christy checked.

Priscilla told me about the tree next to the deck, so I held it, wonderful feeling, pulling energy up from the Earth to give to the Sky, a Gaea to Ouranos gift. So neat, I made sure everyone touched the tree.

The shed had something so I told Priscilla, she called in Christy to evaluate. Present an Earth entity, joyful, giving, left there to continue it’s activity.

Here’s Priscilla’s report:

Saturday evening we went to a client’s new home. They had recently moved in within the last two months.  Two of the homeowners had been experiencing feelings that they were being watched  and had seen shadows.  These shadows did not feel threatening to them but they were uncomfortable.  There was also a spare room in which their cat would not enter.
Before we went I had looked online for the address to get directions.  I had found some images still available on a  realtor’s website.  While I was looking through these photos there were photos of rooms and areas that I felt a definite presence.  During the introductions the homeowners were telling us in more detail of the paranormal experiences they were having.  The areas in which they told us about were the same, as the ones I felt energy from in the photos.
The first room that I had went to was the spare room that the cat would not enter.  I, too felt a resistance in the doorway. I sat on the floor and tuned into the anxious energy.  The images I received and the emotions I felt were that of a young girl, about the age of ten or twelve. She had been ill. A lung-involved illness.  While It didn’t feel like she actually passed away in that room, it did feel like she had a very long term illness. I could feel her fear, anxiety and confusion. It seemed to me that she could not understand why she wasn’t getting better. I felt her fear as if it were my own.  She was afraid that the medicine she was getting was what was making her ill. Everytime sometime walked through her doorway, her fear intensified. I tried my best to help her release herself from that anxiety. I enveloped her in a healing glow and called upon the spirits of her parents. Together they came to her and took each hand to guide her to home in the spiritual realm.  There was a peace and comfort I felt as I watched them reunite.
Moving on up the stairs to the bedrooms…Here the home owners felt like they were being watched and saw shadowy figures coming up the stairs. Climbing the stairs I started to feel a little light headed and was drawn to a hall closet. I opened the door and immediately felt a portal with a strong current flowing from it.  The best way I can describe it  is that it was like coming upon a deep dark cave-opening or hole in the ground. The back of the closet was in one of the bedrooms and the energy from that side was even stronger. Christy felt it too.   It felt like an electrical current was passing through my hands.. My fingers were tingling. From there I went to the opposite bedroom.  There was a ball of energy in that room.  It was not malicious or negative. It was as if it were lost and disoriented. This seemed to have come out from the portal. 
I do not have much experience with closing portals so I asked Paul for help.  He explained to me how he has dealt with them in the past. But before I could close this portal I wanted to return the ball of energy back to where it came from.  Christy and I worked together to condense the now expanded ball of energy back to its original size . We worked together to do this. As the ball got smaller it also became heavier, more dense. we brought it to the mouth of the portal and pushed it back in.  There was resistance. As it reentered the portal I pulled the opening tightly closed.  There was more resistance. With Christy’s help I held strong until the resistance gave way and the portal sealed. Before we moved on to other areas we rechecked and it seemed to have held.
There was a protective presence at the attic stairs . Christy took care of the attic.We went outside and there was a beautiful big tree that let us know it was there absorbing all the energy and sending it back into the earth.
In the shed in the backyard, there was a playful, faerie-like presence.  It was a joyful, fun-loving presence that seemed to sparkle with cheerfulness.  We asked one of the homeowners if they wanted us to try and move that faerie on.  They did not, so we did leave that little, faerie to play in its own little world.

Well done team, you all did well and the client was very impressed and grateful.