Fort Nathan Hale, New Haven

A fun trip, by the coast, weather lovely. Mentioned on a web-site as one of Connecticut’s most haunted, but staff there told us no-one had died there during the Civil War, one staff member had died there about 16 years ago.

Eight of us showed up, one new person Brenda, everyone else either had experience or had been on one of our previous ghost work Sundays. Oh well, it’s a nice day next to the beach and the place is interesting.

BUT. Jared, Michelle and one other sensed something near a tunnel, but it turned out to be some tension from militia members awaiting the British attacking. Then Michael arrived, he’d already been in contact through his guides, and 18 ghosts were waiting to move on next to where the pier had been. The group saw Michael in action, moving a bunch of ghosts on up.

Inside a storage area another ghost hid, hurting, many of the group sensing him, with Michael tutoring them in becoming more aware of him. I just dove into healing him, then coached the group into joining in healing him, Michelle’s turn and she and her son Jared moved him on up using her method.

The next storage area had a locked gate, the ghost inside felt unable to get free, so my turn, with a little drama for fun. I stuck my arm in through the bars to reach for the ghost, meanwhile telling everyone that there shouldn’t be a problem… then abruptly moving as if something had grabbed me and was pulling me inside. At least three people jumped in shock. LOL. I convinced the ghost he could leave and I pulled him out then demonstrated my method for moving a ghost on up.

There was a circular concrete tunnel crossing under our path, dirty water passing through, but enough room for me to climb through without getting my feet wet. Lots of little crabs and one big one, thankfully he didn’t decide to use his claw on me. No ghosts. We had our picture taken by one of the staff then home we went, via my coffee shop of course.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: Great day today with the SHONE group, plus a few guests. Michael found 18 spirits to move up hanging on the beach. Then a nice groundskeeper told us some history of the place. One of his predecessors had shot himself in one of the bunkers. Michael, Weslie and I found him, a young scared thin and sickly man crouched down in the corner, scared and ashamed. I had a headache, and I later found out he had shot himself in the head. Jared picked up drug use. The group sent him healing energy while Jared and I moved him on. Jared also found a residual energy of someone that was attacked near the beach, and Paul taught him how to heal that. Michael found another spirit trapped in a bunker who didn’t realize he was free. Paul had him take his hand and moved him on. Twenty spirits all together. Paul then proceeded to try and heal a couple of crabs in the marsh 😆. A wonderful day full of adventure. I am thankful for this wonderful group of souls.