The Seaside, Waterford CT

Beautiful place on the coast, it started out as a place for kids with tuberculosis, next a home for the elderly then a medical hospital, finally a facility for the mentally handicapped. But there were many reports of abuse by the staff in the 1970’s and beyond, the place closed down, the State of CT in the last 2 years improved the grounds, the buildings are off limits – one even has an open elevator shaft in it, per the security person at the scene.

I was there a little early, as I should be, and assessed the overall place, the first big building was overwhelming with ghost energy plus on the second floor and up, no other building came close to that energy. Priscilla and Jay arrived next, no-one else came. We’d have to do some heavy lifting, just Priscilla and I, with Jay backing us up.

First job is to make it easier for us, run the colors, (healing energies) I picked purple first due to the heavy psychological component, to work the large side nearest, that took longer than expected, there were a lot of damaged ghosts here, then I remembered the staff abuse, so we ran the colors red and up next.

Priscilla had tuned in to a group of 8 ghosts, all kids, with breathing problems, she’d coughed, feeling their distress, the kids didn’t want to be inside, but there were two ghost staff watching out activities. We worked with the kids to heal them, including their emotional issues – abandoned there by family, unwanted by almost everybody, and no cure possible, Priscilla guided them up with help from Higher Spirits.

We worked the front of the building next, Priscilla feeling great consternation inside, so calming them down became important before we could move them up. Not allowed inside, we did what we could remotely nearby. The ghosts didn’t respond en masse, too much going on, so the three of us went one-on-one to heal one ghost at a time. Not easy when everyone inside was mirroring each other’s fears. I succeeded with one ghost who sat next to me, relishing the freedom but not ready to move any further. A group of ghosts inside saw their friend with me and were more willing to interact. They joined us to sit outside. Slow going, I needed a food break, I was running low on energy, Priscilla and Jay toured the other big building to assess that, and the beach.

Lots of ghosts still inside, and just two of us to help, and we were getting tired. I took on as many as I could connect with, at least 60, and made a little difference but was overcome with their feelings of depression, I was sure there’d be more underneath that. How about a field trip? They liked the idea, they had walked to the beach before with supervision, so all of them came outside and we sat or stood to watch the waves. Depression let up a bit, enough to try Michael’s method to help them move on. Many were able to interact with a friendly Guide and one by one they moved up, the rest came back with me to the main building.

One of the ghost staff, the guy, had interacted with me while working with the main body of ghosts, he was in a better state, capable of moving on, but had not yet, perhaps continuing his job to protect those in his care.

We’ll have to come back. I was still working on the feelings I’d picked up all the drive back to my coffee shop, I’m guessing I’ll have more to do before getting to sleep.

Here’s Priscilla’s notes, I forgot to mention lots:

Jay and I arrived about 12:15 pm.  It was a beautiful day and we were able to park in the shade. I saw Paul in a small grassy area,  we walked through a lightly wooded area to meet up with Paul.  As I walked through the trees I felt a presence of a black man who seemed to be an orderly that had worked there.  He kept saying ” it ain’t right how they treat them children” ” it just aint right”. He was sad that he was unable to help them.  I did not move him up but he did seem to be gone after I had moved the children up.  I felt a definite presence of 8 children very ill will respiratory distress. I had a brief , sudden episode of coughing and felt as if I were breathing in water.  There was one boy , who seemed a little bit older with a morbid sense of humor.  This boy was singing ” ring around the roses” I had listened to the children who felt abandoned by family and neglected by staff.  There were no connections to parents that I could sense. They wanted to stay together and experience freedom from this facility.  I connected them with a healthy, playground space with guides from above.  Here their energies changed to a golden white hue and their anxieties seemed lifted.
I moved around to the sea facing side of the building. It was chaotic.  There was so much loud energy.  It was like being in a school cafeteria during a food fight.  I had to take a break and I walked down to the water. I used the sunshine and fresh sea air to re-energize.  When I came back, I felt the presence of a female spirit who had been admitted against her will.  She was angry and sad. I sensed that her husband had her committed because he wanted freedom to be with his mistress.  The woman’s spirit was sad because she never got to be a mom to her son.  She had told me she lived out her days in that place.  She managed to trick the staff into thinking she was taking her mind -numbing medications, but she wasn’t.  She was wheeled to watch the ocean and that is how she spent her time.  I connected her with her son who also had passed over.  It was a bittersweet reunion as he had been prevented from visiting her when he was a boy. They both moved on together.
This site has a lot of history and a lot of energy from that history. It is a place worth visiting with many restless souls. I look forward to a return trip.

One big plus, I asked Priscilla if she was interested in teaching a ghost class, and she said yes. I’ve one more person to ask who’s far enough along capable enough to teach. What’s crucial is to shepherd the new ghost workers at real scenes and not consider the class as sufficient. I’m retiring soon and moving away, I need to replace myself with more people who know everything I do about ghosts and energy work.

No wonder I was so tired and glad to leave when Priscilla suggested. Monday evening I realized I’d picked up an attachment, spent a couple of hours before removing two entities that had entered when I opened myself up to all the ghosts left behind. Two days after that, still couldn’t connect up there, more hours spent getting back to connection. At least I figured out a new technique, will add it to the next ghost class. Such is life for a ghost worker, which is why I require my trainees to complete 10 events, moving ghosts on, removing stuck energy and healing clients before awarding a certificate. Since they’re doing useful work, they do get paid expenses.