The Seaside, Waterford, CT return visit.

This trip I was joined by members of Black Hat New England, they had missed out on the previous trip, and there was still lots to do. I arrived early, an hour and a half, to work on the troubling entities in the first building, so that the next group would have no problems. Routine for me, I cleared out the second floor, move some ghosts on up, checked the ground floor, no issues, just used for staff purposes, the top floor looked spooky, here were the problem entities. They looked spiky, shiny brown and moved fast, operated independently so I englobed one at a time and ascended, finding each a home. Just ghosts left, they surprised me, one spokes’person’ saying they expected to be denied entry to Heaven, they had learned in life that only good, healthy, sane people went to Heaven. I countered by reminding them that Jesus healed everyone and they were welcomed in Heaven, so let’s go up there and seek Jesus, or one of his trainees, he’s probably busy so getting helpers would be a smart thing to do. They agreed to try, and I had them climb on me and I ascended. Surprise! Jesus met us there. I was stunned and delighted, such love and compassion, the ghosts just stepped into Heaven, my job done.

No, not done. There was one end of the top floor that was energetically sealed, so of course I broke into the area and saw and felt a flood of redness. Not knowing how to proceed here, I backed off and asked for advice from above. A team was sent down to deal with it, and I was told to back away, nicely. My guess is that they didn’t want a male figure involved, the ghost or ghosts needed feminine TLC. As usual, these Higher Spirits only told me the minimum of what I needed to know.

Snack break and expecting Black Hat members, so another chill out moment at the nearby beach then back to the buildings. Missi had brought a new member, a nurse, and with some experience in shielding/blocking and sensing. Building two was much easier, a lot of children here with TB, we could feel the dyspnea, and Missi reported some confusion present, so we ran the healing colors, purple and blue. We should have done red too, one of the ghosts had problems walking. I used Michael’s method to move most of the kids up to Heaven. One staff ghost remained, waiting until all had moved on. The kids still there wanted to be free but were unsure, so I called to them to come join us, and I coached the team on my method, and we three carried all the rest up to Heaven. We toured around the outside of the building, I had to go back an pick up my phone, when Missi told me that 4 ghosts had chosen to stay down here!

No way. I went back to building two and told the four ghosts we were going to visit Heaven. They would not force them to stay and I could not force them either. Overlapping one’s energy field with ghosts helps them to feel I’m telling the truth. We rose and arrived just outside the edge of Heaven, my usual arrival place, and waiting were four friends who had moved on. They talked, and one by one they stepped into Heaven, the staff person ready, just waiting for the rest.

Missi had brought snacks, perfect after doing energy work.