The Demon House in Enfield CT

Lots of bad press on this one, just google and you’ll find it. Michael tackled this house, alone, a while back and did as much as he could, cleaned it out, but found a portal outside the house, so anything could come back. Now it was my turn.

I went solo, with the reputation this place has, I didn’t want to risk anyone else. A quiet place, nothing to indicate the problems here, although there was one cop walking up the center of the street, odd. I was parked across the street.

Shield’s up, connected with Heaven, holding my hot-line to up there gemstone in my hand and checked in with my Guides, my Protector Guide ready.

I remotely scanned inside the house, no ghost activity, only some stuck energy-like feeling. Now the portal.

I felt a ‘wind’ blowing from this portal, never had that before. I waited, to get the feel of this wind, non-threatening, and tuned in to its energy frequency, and used this to send out a net at the same frequency, to catch anything in the area that had come through this portal. One entity netted, he didn’t fight, so we talked, he wanted to stay because the feeding was easier here.

Keeping this entity in my net, I asked my Guide to wish me luck, and I entered the portal. This one took much longer than the others, so I was ending up further away from here, but other than a feeling of pressure on the top of my head, the exit chamber was nothing special, unoccupied, dark and that same wind blowing through. The chamber led up somewhere. I reeled in the net, pulling the entity through the portal to join me and let him go. The headwind was too much for him, so I had to push him up and out. We were on the side of a hill, all dark, no lights of ‘civilization’, no movement. He left and was soon gone in the darkness. I waited but nothing approached, this area really quiet.

I headed back, grabbed the end of the portal and shook it loose, gathered it up and slid back home, letting the physicality of that plane ooze out of the tube, until I got back here, shook this end of the portal loose and held it shut until it healed over.

Still all quiet. That stuckness inside was partially due to warping of our plane to fit the energy of that distant plane, so I held the area and helped it reform to our physicality. Now the regular stuckness, created from the emotional stresses induced in those who had lived here embedding themselves into the house. Transformed and let go, Now it was all quiet.

I’d already picked up coffee and cake from Klekolo so life was good. This work had made me hungry so I headed home to make some food. One of Michael and mine ‘must-do’ places now done.