The Church of Eternal Light

Listed on a ghost site in Connecticut, I did a little research first, a ghostly face in the bell tower, it became a Pagan Spiritualist Church in 2001. Texting with Michelle, she said it was run by witches. I looked at their web-site and there were many healing and energy activities there and service on Sunday afternoons. It made me wonder why they hadn’t moved the ghost on. This one I’m tackling on my own, sneak in undetected, help that ghost and any others to move on, and leave their other activities undisturbed.

Unfortunately I arrived in the middle of their service hours, no place to park nearby, no place to sit and observe from outside. I walked back to the church, took some pictures and somebody noticed, came to the screen door, so I smiled and went back to my car. I’d have to do remote work from there.

On my walk-by I’d felt something in the bell-tower, and separately in the church. There was an elementary labyrinth in the ground beside the church, small stones to demark it. Nothing more detectable.

From the car, extending my energy field I could sense the shielding protecting the place. Recently enhanced by the people attending the service. Plan B. Do my work timelined, head into the past, early morning. Take the easy stuff first, the labyrinth. Drained the energies, the memories buried in its structure, until I overlapped memories of a person walking the labyrinth and got out, just in case they noticed the intrusion. There was something outside, aware of me, but it hadn’t seen me do anything, I was just sitting in my car. Timelined again, drained the residual energy to the Center of the Earth where someone was waiting for it, this place had gained their attention, by which I inferred the energies had been misused.

The Bell-tower next, 1 ghost, trapped, he had sinned, heresy. I passed through the shields and connected with Heaven and pulled the ghost up there to see the real place, not some dogma imagined place. He talked with some Higher Spirits and wanted to stay, I asked him to drop his baggage, which included the heresy belief, and he was free.

Now to take on the energy shield, find out what was really going on. Grabbing it, spreading it wide and tackling the components, I was able to remove it. Behind was an ‘eye’ watching the surroundings, mostly the road, so I stepped out of its view. Finding the connection below, I severed that and the eye dissolved. The church was open. Still doing everything in the past, no service in progress, the altar had some stuck energy so I removed that. I called out to any ghosts and they came to me, 7 or 8, by feel, I used Michael’s method to help them move on.

That’s all. Not my business how they run their services, didn’t even snoop, my job just to move ghosts on. And clean out any non-useful stuck energy. They could rebuild their shields. Didn’t want to piss off a bunch of witches.