Old Remington Arms Munitions Factory

SHONE got together at noonish, three of us wearing our new t-shirts for the first time together, three different colors too, plus one, Michael needs an XL size shirt. One of the ghost web-sites had described the area as ‘sketchy’ so we parked and stayed by our cars, tackling each side of the large property. Michael had ‘called ahead’ so we knew there were 86 ghosts on the property. Michael and Michelle could do that, my job was to clear out the stuck energy and anything else. The property was behind fences, we could have entered on one side but we didn’t, didn’t ‘need’ to.

The ‘busiest’ side was on Helen’s St. Ghosts were waiting for us there. While Michael and Michelle worked the ghosts, I invited Brenda to hold onto my shoulder and tap in to the energies I was using and follow along. Despair was the first emotion to work through, then fear for oneself, some accidents had left their mark, the trauma embedded in the area, the affected ghosts already on their way up to Heaven. Some more stuck energies, then we relocated to the north side, a cemetery on the other side of the road.

The bulk of the work had already been done, so Michael and Michelle worked with the local ghosts who had noticed our activity and wanted in on it. My attention was drawn to something hiding at one corner, it attacked when I started to bring it into my energy field, some quick work and I took it up and away.

The south side next, Michelle tapped into the despair feeling, for me it was different, more at a facial level, which implied the people there were concerned about the consequences of their activities, not on the production within. One more animated energy removed, then on to the east side, a bit further from the buildings and covered from sight by a fence.

A learning experience for all of us, Michael and Michelle, maybe Brenda too felt something wrong at the Earth level. Not my specialty, having no planets in Earth signs in my birth-chart. It’s a stretch for me. They described it as shattered Earth, lots of small cracks. I figured it out (pat on the back for me), guns, explosives, black powder, where did they test their products but on the property, away from the buildings? That would produce lots of small explosions, lots of cracks, so we four sent healing energies into the Earth.

Michelle told us more ghosts had arrived and were waiting at the cemetery, so we went back, took a picture of a Hawk on top of the highest marker and helped those ghosts move on, for a total of 178. We chatted for a while, then headed out, a favorite food stop in the area, Boston Fish, had closed some years back, so straight to Klekolo to refuel.

Here’s Michelle’s notes, packed with the emotional connections she made with the ghosts: Today’s adventure was with Paul, Michael, Brenda, and me (Michelle). Paul had heard that this abandoned site was haunted. Michael picked up at first that there were 86 souls on the property in the building. Most of them came over to us voluntarily, wanting to be moved on. However I picked up on three females on one of the top floors, one of them being a child, that had to be coaxed down. There was a couple of young men on the second floor as well that I coaxed down. Michael did his technique of helping them see their spirit guides so their spirit guide can help transition them. When he was in the process of doing this, a young woman was crying, scared. I comforted her, took her aside, and blessed mother and I sent her up. The rest Michael took care of, as I sent all the spirits purple and pink energy. We then went to a different side of the building where there was a cemetery across the street. Many souls came over as they were attracted to our light, and we moved on 44 more. One of the souls must have passed from a lung issue, as I felt it, and was able to transform it with blue energy. We also checked many parts of the building at different angles for stuck energy. Paul took care of the majority of this, as he is able to do it quickly. At one point, as I was transforming the energy, I started to feel a metallic taste in my mouth, as this used to be a gun factory. Another time, I felt like I couldn’t breathe, secondary to the level of despair I felt. When we were on the side of the building that had an empty yard, we felt like this was the part that they tested the gunpowder, and that there was unsettling energy in the land. I felt two land Guardians watching over, and Michael was taught by one of his guides that there were cracks/brokenness in the energy of the land. For about 5 minutes, we all sent our energy to the land to heal it. I felt that there were more souls at the cemetery that needed help, and what we were discovering is that souls from all over the neighborhood we’re so attracted to our light that they were coming in droves. When we arrived at the cemetery, we saw a beautiful hawk on top of one of the headstones. Michael counted 178 total that were sent to the light.

As always, satisfying work, well done all.