Devil’s Hopyard, East Haddam

Led by Michelle, she’d picked this site, we had a good showing, 8 active members. She and Brenda had checked out the site earlier and found some stuff for us to do. Michael found a portal. Michelle pointed into the brush, something there, I jumped in, one ghost, needed healing first, a woman who had been attacked by an animal, couldn’t walk, had waited for her family who couldn’t find her. Healed and up in the Happy Hunting Grounds. Michael and Michelle had sensed two ghosts, both gone after I’d done my work.

Under a stone bridge, 3 ghosts, Michelle took on the first’s fear then moved her and the child on, left me to move the old male ghost, this one also needed healing, a COPD condition, once he felt better I started to move him on and a Guide took him the rest of the way.

Michael pointed out the portal, so I stood in it, a new one for me, this was energetically water, the path, under water. I invited one of the observers (Weslie) to join me, absolutely willing, we traversed the portal, found ourselves on a slope, water gushing out, sensing this area was revered as a spiritual area, there was also some trepidation, as things came out from this waterway. Closed the portal at that end, felt us pulled back, closed off this end and felt the other plane matter ‘sweating’ out of the tube material back into the still soft passage area. My helper told me it had felt weird, also some entity had grabbed her hand at the other end but let go when we returned here.

Another area Michelle and Brenda had found involved a woman getting raped, there were three close spots, she’d broken free once, only able to reposition a bit after that. We drained the emotions, I don’t have the anatomy but I felt it, we cleared the area, stuck energy from the trauma, no ghost.

Crossing the stream, again, found an Earth protector, connected to a tree, a dryad, had been there decades, still looking after the woods.

Crystal took videos, recording what we did, her boyfriend took photos using Michelle’s camera of all of us, Michael and Brenda had left early.

Oh, yeah. Beautiful place. Sorry, so focused on ghosts etc.

Here’s Michelle’s report:

Hello all. Michelle from SHONE here, reporting about my first leadership experience for the team. Today’s field trip that was open to the public was at Devil’s Hopyard in East Haddam. The first thing Michael and I sensed was two Native American spirits on one of the trails, along with a land guardian. Paul sensed that one of the spirits had been hurt, and his paranormal paramedic skills kicked in to help heal the woman. He then sent her on to the Happy Hunting Grounds. For the second spirit, I called in a chief like energy to help bring the man to the light. The second spot we checked out was the tunnel. It had intense energy (along with a lot of mud lol), and I sensed two spirits. One was a woman who was violated, and another was a young man who overdosed. Those were pretty straightforward to send to the light, as when they got over their initial fear of us, they realized that we could help and they were willing to go. Weslie sensed an old man energy, and Paul helped move him on. The next spot was a portal that Michael was led to by his spirit guide. It was a large rock embedded in the ground right near the falls where once I stepped on it, I felt my whole body shake and my head pounding. I have felt the energy of portals before, but never one like this. Weslie and Paul, who guided her, closed the portal together. Weslie and I then tapped into a neighboring evergreen tree to gain some energy back. We then went up on top of the falls where Paul was drawn to an area where accidents may have happened where people fell and hurt themselves. Next to this area, there was a sweet energy coming from an alcove. Paul got down on one knee not realizing he had, and around the same time I sensed that two lovers had got engaged in this area. I also felt fairy energy which is very light and happy. The next spot was down a path back to the picnic area. We had sensed a woman who was violated, and the fear was intense where my palms were sweating and I was starting to hug myself without realizing it. Paul and Janet moved this spirit on, her first time. The last spirit we encountered was right over the bridge on the left on a different path. I sensed an older woman and she was in a white flowy dress and she seemed to be attached to the trees, as if she was in charge of them. We did indeed discover that she was a dryad, a first for me. A good time was had by all.