Indian Hill Cemetery, Middletown CT

Crystal wanted to do some videos at somewhere scenic, so I chose Indian Hill Cemetery. I’d been there in June 2001 to do some ghost work, it took two passes, My interest was the Indians buried there, under the mound at the highest point. We found some shade to the south of the mound and Crystal set up the camera while I checked out the energy there, no ghosts now, but some energy remained from the burial rituals, which had become stuck energy, no longer of any benefit and I released it. I stayed off the mound, out of respect for those buried there.

Made one short video to describe where we were then two videos on Removing Attachments, and Healing Auras.

Back to 2001, my first visit there, I got in touch with many Indian ghosts, the more recent ghosts felt it better for me to move those who had been earthbound longer to go first up to Heaven. The Indian ghosts were a little hesitant, a paleface trying to get them to move on, one Chief interceded and approved my attempt, but I had to take them to The Happy Hunting Grounds. Headed on up, carrying a group of ghosts, and asked on arrival, how do I get to The Happy Hunting Grounds? I was redirected, led, and the entry area looked just how I’d expected, an open grassy area, curved slopes and trees everywhere, the ghosts recognized it and stepped off. Looking back at it now, there was no-one to meet us, but why would they show up for a paleface?

The second visit, I took the rest of the ghosts up, they trusted me a little more this time. I did not think about or notice any energy related to the death rituals, so I’m glad I went back to finish up my work there.

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