A toy car door closes by itself, and much more ghostly stuff

We got this call from a neighbor of one of the S.H.O.N.E. members, the whole area has eerie stuff happening, so I made sandwiches and brought sweet nut bars and hot chocolate to tide us over after working on this house.

Present were Michelle, Anne, Brenda and myself. The clients, a grandmom and daughter, had sensed lots of activity, had recorded the door on a toy car closing and another toy moving, and suspected who was involved, the grandmom’s deceased husband. Another oddity was the 10th step going upstairs, the daughter always stumbled there, but had issues with the 10th step at other previous homes, so we’d have to see about that too.

I checked out the electrical power, all seemed correctly wired, but could not explain why they had needed a new fridge soon after moving in. Michelle and I did a quick run-through to assess, then she led the rest in starting to work on ghosts while I stayed with the ashes of a deceased relative. He’d been in the military, served in the Vietnam War and had returned damaged in many ways. He was still present in the area of his ashes, so I touched the container and connected with him. Lots of issues, I took a break when we reached the emotion of distrust, I needed some green tea ad honey already! Nice tea too, thank you. Returning to the ashes, I worked with him on distrust, and he felt the impact as other would, those that loved him but he pushed away. He’d been traine to attack and protect, and had not been able to separate the two when returning home. Next emotion was feeling he’d failed himself, others had overruled his sentiments, and he’d given in to them. I tried a few times to lift him up but his issues kept pulling him back to Earth, but we had reached a point where he was floating, not fully healed, and I took him up to Heaven for a visit. He liked the view and stepped inside Heaven to be immediately stopped by two armed guards. That I’d never seen before. Heaven doesn’t need guards, but he didn’t know that. We retreated and talked, I was able to point out to him that those guards were purely protective, there had been no attack, and he wanted that. We talked some more and revisited Heaven, the guards were chill, and escorted him to his sleeping room, as he’d expected. He knew they were a lot more devoted to healing the troops when they come home compared to how he was received the first time.

A quick check on the others, doing ok, didn’t need me.

They hadn’t checked both sides of the master bed, I found some residual stuck energy and removed that, also from the table at the foot of the bed. One corner of the room had an animated energy, it just wanted to pull someone inside, like a child huddling around a cherished doll, no harm intended, it wanted to hide and feel safe. I took it up and found more of its kind which it joined. At the opposite corner another animated energy, I picked up fear and compulsion to watch, Anne helped me out on this one, pointing out the lack of affect and a street drug-like state. I didn’t want to take something up there that was fearful so I worked with it to remove the fear and it felt motivated to take this more hopeful state up to more of its kind. We arrived, I made a connection to Heaven and covered the outside with darkness so that my little ‘ex-fearful / compelled to watch’ animated energy rejoined the larger entity, intent on reducing its fears by tapping into Heaven’s loving energy.

In one of the kid’s bedrooms some more animated energy, a feeling of loneliness. Sharing energy fields, I listened to it and we discovered that it had been made to feel alone by others. So I did the same thing as before, made a connection to Heaven’s loving energy, covered the outside in darkness, and took this animated energy up to rejoin the larger body, and quietly passing on the feelings that it wasn’t alone and that those in Heaven loved it.

The 10th step. I asked Michelle and Anne to check it out, there was a boundary at that level, that would unsettle anyone with some sensitivity. I sat on the 11th step and worked to reduce then remove the lower energy field, and felt the ‘warmer’ energy below reach to the top of the stairs and into the rooms there.

The toy car and the other toy that moved, I asked Michelle to timeline it, she found the ghost, grandmom’s spouse, who wanted only to protect the family. He really didn’t like me saying he could do a better job by moving on, Michelle negotiated with him and he agreed to move up but check in on the family often.

We’d taken a trip to the shed, then walked to the road, more work needed on the road but Anne then Michelle had to leave for work, it was a weekday after all.

One more activity for me, some energy work on another member of the family, and an answer for me on what to do for others with this condition.

Not much ghost work … because Michelle and Anne and Brenda did all that! Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Today’s adventure started from a tip from a member of our group, Brenda, who used to live in a home across the street from a neighbor who reported to her paranormal activity in their home. Michelle and Sharon tapped into the home remotely a couple of days before the visit, and both felt heat, got a headache, and got a sharp pain in their abdomen. The picture was also shown to member Michael who reported to Brenda he feels there are earthbound spirits in the home. Michelle and Anne both took a drive in the neighborhood prior to the visit, and both felt there was something wrong with the entire street that was built in 2001. Brenda agreed with this sentiment, as she had experienced some activity herself. It was reported by Brenda that a man died during the building of that road secondary to a dump truck accident. It was also reported that there may have been a gangster type individuals that lived on the land before the construction of the road. Michelle had a vision of a gray car across the street from the road. Ghost workers that arrived at the home today were Paul, Anne, Michelle and Brenda. Upon arrival, no one felt a heavy presence of spirit on the first floor with the exception of the family room where the deceased father who died in April was hanging out protecting the family and the children. It was later discovered that he was the one responsible for the toy movement. The daughter of the deceased father who is the owner of the home showed us a video of one of the toy cars doors moving on its own with no human in the room. Michelle explained to him that he was able to go back and forth between worlds so he could move freely but still check in on the family. Anne and Michelle both felt the toy trucks and the energy was exponential in certain areas, as it felt dizzying. Ask ghost workers, we still get excited about feeling energy that strongly 🙂The owner of the home also explained that she often will lie in her bed in the master bedroom and feel an extreme chill. She also reported that her son does not want to go in her closet, nor did he want to go in his bedroom. Before having this knowledge, Michelle went upstairs and was immediately drawn to the closet. There was a man in the closet crotched down, sobbing. Anne joined in, and said she felt like he was on a drug trip, even though in reality, he wasn’t. He also mentioned that he was terrified of the thing that was outside the closet, something that looked to him like a dark “Cousin It.” It was determined by both ladies that there was a portal outside the closet door at the end of the bed. Michelle and Anne worked together to seal the portal with love, and reshape it. Michelle and Anne then went back to the man, and Michelle called in blessed mother as her instinct told her that the man needed nurturing. Anne decided to utilize another ghost worker’s (Bill) healing companion, a green and pink dragon, who look like a small pet and seemed to amuse the ghost. After a few minutes, the energy and the closet was much better, and everyone had moved on. Michelle spent time providing Reiki to each room on the top floor. In the child’s bedroom, there was an animated energy in the right-hand corner. Michelle was able to transform the energy and clear the room with healing light. Paul and Michelle discovered some rerun energy from a domestic violence issue related to previous owners of the home, in another bedroom in the alcove which was easily transformed. Upon checking the stairs, Anne discovered intense energy on one of the steps. Paul then asked, “Is that the 10th step?” Michelle proceeded to count and sure enough it was the 10th step! Paul explained that this was a step of energy transition, which may explain the slight tripping that people in the home were experiencing going up and down the stairs. Michelle worked with the spirit of the wood in the step to heal it. Also, there was some activity in the shed. Michelle felt a presence of a man and it was just hanging out. Paul was easily able to move it on. Michelle felt the presence of many spirits outside which was confirmed by a nearby tree, and Michelle put her beacon of white light out in order to attract other spirits. Michelle felt there were at least 20 spirits surrounding her. She then used Michael’s technique to move them on, which is simply helping the spirits connect with their Spirit guides for assistance. More work may be needed in the future to heal the land. Finally the owner of the homes husband fell ill, and Paul and Michelle provided some energy work to him. It is our hope that we completed the job, and that this family can live in peace.

I drove the length of the road this time, feeling lots of American Indian energies, if I’m out in that part of the state again I’ll do a slow drive through and work with those energies.

Now what am I going to do with the sandwiches and all the hot chocolate?

A month later, Anne posts me her notes: Most of my experiences came from occasions where I was learning with Michelle. Our last house, in Moodus was the most intense. A lot happened there. I was going to set up an appointment to discuss your findings (I never made it outside to the shed, where there had been reported activity). The master bedroom was intense, the room where the husband was sleeping was intense. Lots there. We were also picking up experiences from the former owner, who I believe, used drugs, hallucinating in the bedroom, as well as the children’s rooms, and tried to strangle his wife at the top left of the stairs. I think Michelle and I were picking up some of the hallucinations. It was hard to know for sure if this was real paranormal activity or drug induced imagery.

At one point, the most intense for me, the former owner thought he was going to die in the walk-in closet in the master bedroom. He was convinced a large creature, composed of black smoke and hair was manifest at the bottom of the bed and coming for him, as he lay in fetal position, trapped on the closet floor!!! Very intense.

Michelle thought it was a paranormal manifestation, coming through a portal. I grabbed the portal and toed it shut, going first clockwise and then counter clockwise. Michelle then did one of her pink bows, and we called it a done deal.

There was also a lot of negative energy coming into through the owner’s work, into the house*. [Not included by me, to maintain confidentiality, pmr]. Whew!!

Even more here, but those, besides all the accidents on the famous “stair number 10” were the highlights. Also, weird room where the husband, [deleted, pmr] slept at night. We used to keep our horses not far from this house. The whole area is active. It is my belief that all the houses there will eventually have “trouble”. A very active area. On a geological fault line, no less!!

p.s. The current owners had purchased this property SIGHT UNSEEN* over the internet!! They had never been there before they started living there!! Really not a good idea.

The mother was doing a good job of protecting the two young boys from the situational negativity. They would all three snuggle together on the bed in the master bedroom. There was a beautiful golden bubble of light and love and protection there. I told her I thought she was doing a really good job with this, particularly as it was right NEXT to where the creature made of smoke and hair was manifesting!! Whew!!

The grandmother was feeding ALL the manifestations there, both for good and ill, by pumping a lot of frantic, random emotions into everything present*. I didn’t say anything about this but … [deleted, pmr]. More, They had the grandfather’s ashes downstairs. They had never buried the old man. His spirit seemed still attached to the ashes. He wasn’t the one pushing the the kiddy car for the children, that was the other grandfather. He was a very kindly older man. I wondered if he had been in WW2, as he told me that, “after the war, you were supposed to be gone.” I think he equated your [pmr] accent with helping the British during the war. I was concerned about his spirit holding its own, with all the additional activity on the property, but so far, he was only focused on the grandchildren and seemed to be doing okay. He held his head a bit to the side and had a nice smile, but was pretty perceptive, and “nobody’s fool”. He seemed completely unaware of the additional paranormal activity as this location, and was therefore unaffected.

The comments marked by an ‘*’ were addressed the next time we met, see “Return to toy car door”, and so correcting, the client has a nickname at work thanks to the intensity of her speciality, but like all nicknames, is a little exaggerated, the new homeowners checked on 15 properties before choosing this one, and grandmom was responding to having real, live, ghost-workers in the house, (a dream come true? pmr) but is usually more laid-back.