Two ghosts feeding

A friend reported two people ( a woman and a man) she’d known, who had died seemed to still be around. She felt lonely and discouraged, and I didn’t feel them to be present with us. It also didn’t seem to be an attachment type issue so I used a different technique, one I use in connecting to those who’ve ‘moved on’. Holding her hand I asked her to pick one of these ‘people’ and I would trace the connection to find and interact with the woman wherever she is.

She was still with us, had not moved on, and was trying to hide! It’s easy to pass through ghost doors when you’re an energy worker. I didn’t feel threatened and she wasn’t trying to feed off me, so I tuned in to her issues, when I get a body sensation I have to translate it, in this case the discomfort was triangle shaped from pelvis to Xiphoid bone below the Sternum. Her issues were all about others and how she’d included their issues and attitudes as her own. I was happy to yawn, for this means the ghost is actively working on the issues, not relying on me to process them, but still using my body to be aware of them. I yawned a lot. She’d trusted others to tell her what was true for her. She’d been told to be afraid of others and that she had to please them, ignoring her wants. She was still afraid, even after dying, that people would still attack her. It took awhile but we worked through these false lessons, and she turned to me, still expecting to be attacked, by me! A Higher Spirit arrived and I wished her good luck and that I was going, no attack. She’s on her way up.

Next I dealt with the man, I’d met him in life so knew something of his issues. Same process, he was surrounding us but trying to take care of us too, he too had been told that others were important, not him, and any time he spent on himself was being selfish. So many issues ignored and allowed to build up. Not so many yawns this time, more for me to do. My body felt bent over and crushed by the weight of things. It took awhile but we reached a point where he accepted it was appropriate to now work on his issues, as others had now stepped up to take over those responsibilities he’d had when alive. I told him he was going to a special area of Heaven for those who’d been damaged in their life, and that there he could safely work on everything he’d ignored, with help, and pretty soon would be able to rejoin everyone else in Heaven. There was only compassion and understanding, no judgement. He left, still feeling stunned that now it was ok to work on his stuff.

My friend had also mentioned crazy nightmares while dozing on a sofa, so I touched it, and felt stuck energy, and then something moving (energetically, not physically) within the sofa. I drained the stuck energy, took the animated energy up to the edge of Heaven, where it didn’t recoil or seem affected by the Light. I touched it to get a better ‘feel’ and sensed it wanted to be alone. Not a problem, except my friend is an extrovert and needed the company of others to recharge her energy. I took it to another part of Heaven where more of its nature lives, and it quickly rejoined the larger mass, and I got the message ‘I want to be alone’ again, of course.

I’ll be adding another class, on ‘Connecting’ when I teach my next Ghost Workers course, I’ve learned so much since giving the last course, there’s five more topics to teach.