The Elks club, near Wadsworth Atheneum

After visiting the Atheneum, we went across the road at the back of the Museum to check out the Elks’ club. When I’d visited the Atheneum a few weeks ago I’d arrived early and checked out the area, sensing this place to be shielded. I’d previously considered practicing remote work on this place as it did show up on ghost websites.

We had a brief in-service about the Greek Pantheon and the ‘Walking through Walls’ technique, and a memory about a shamanic retreat we’d both attended a couple of years ago. I walked through the barrier, left it intact, and drained the energy inside shielding whatever it was. Finding it, I sensed an object which they venerated, perhaps even prayed to?

That didn’t sound healthy, so I started to drain that too, not much of an idol to be so easily reduced, when I felt it drawing on similar effigies at other locations. Challenge, drain all of them, or just this one? Keep it simple, didn’t know how long it would take to do the whole system and it was very cold outside. Wimp. I cut the connections, drained the object, reconnected the connections, now just passing through this area, not interacting.

Oops, left the barrier intact outside. Maybe they’ll wonder when their prayers go unanswered.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Across the street was the Hartford Elks Club. Paul, Michelle, and Janet all felt an energy barrier around the building, perhaps put in for some sort of protection. Paul felt that some of the members of the organization at some time “worshipped” some sort of object. Michelle was shown an eye after tapping into the building, and felt pressure in the back of her eyes. Paul explain to that this was the magic of the energy barrier telling Michelle that she wasn’t allowed to see whatever it was trying to protect inside. Paul then worked on expanding the energy and transmuting it, releasing the barrier. A fun day was had by all.