Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford

Michelle had asked for some indoor ghost locations, which is a good idea with these recent really cold temps. The group was invited to arrive for the free entry, (from 4 to 5 pm, Thursday thru Sunday) on Sunday. Three members arrived early to explore and see the sights, I had been there three weeks earlier with my friend Abby, but I had been focused on Abby, I mean the artwork. I’d invited Abby as she’d not see me do ghost work before.

Michelle, Weslie and Janet found two ghosts and had been nice enough to await me before we worked to move them on.

The first ghost, a woman was somewhere in one room, so I triangulated to get a better position and with four sensitive ghost workers standing around her, this ghost stayed to talk. She was unhappy, we all felt some aspect of that, Michelle and Weslie? described her as having long brown hair, and more, I tend to stay more on emotions. She felt alone, for more than one reason, she felt refined, a lady of quality, with high values, cultured, and didn’t connect with the people visiting here. The people she’d associated with were not here, the entire culture had diminished in her opinion which she still wanted to elevate. Lots of sadness. It would take too long to connect with and release all of that, so I asked the ghost if there was one person she’d like to be in contact with, there was, so I tapped in to that connection and found the Spirit, who agreed to come down here and talk with our ghost.

The ghost and Higher Spirit talked, we were not included. We compared notes on what extra things we’d noticed about the ghost, and I explained to Abby what we’d been doing, when Michelle pointed out they’d left, had not said goodbye!

They led me the other location, overlooking a large room, and pointed to a plastic cut-out of a person who had worked there and the museum staff had wanted to remember her. The ghost was adjacent to the plastic structure. We felt lots of anger, each feeling it in a different body part, a lot of anger, taking a good while to reduce it, taking breaks every couple of minutes to compare what we were sensing. Like so many other ghost locations, once you find one ghost, all the other ghosts there have similar attitudes. This ghost felt superior too, and was incensed with what she saw going on, even to the artwork! I was asked if there was something hooked into her, making her a puppet fr some other ghostly type energy, for she was so focused on her rage. I checked out her aura, no hook, but her heart chakra was impaired.

I was shocked to find the Crown layer at the heart chakra level was blocked. She’d done that, her values had been so rigid, she had felt them to be a higher standard than God or the Angels.! Her heart aura layer was blocked, cold-hearted, unable to feel love. We talked, men in her life had been an issue, damaging her. She was a perfectionist, like to control and decide for others. We tried taking on more of her anger but she wasn’t going to change. I asked Michelle to get in touch with Mother Mary, as the highest female, (God is treated as male, ditto the Holy Ghost, and Jesus obviously male, and she had issues with males). Mary arrived and talked with her, we felt confident she would be able to help and left them to talk.

I talked with Abby, filling her in on what had happened, and she volunteered what she had sensed! The woman had a artistic ability which had been crushed by the men in her family, and probably by men outside the family, she’d never been allowed to express that creativity, the closest she’d come was to work at this art museum, but seeing the works of others, never her own had built up a rage which she never let out.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Today’s adventure was with Paul, his friend Abby, Weslie, Janet and Michelle. Some of the museum assistants at the museum were very helpful in sharing if they had any paranormal experiences, and one may invite us back to his family home out of state, as they stated it’s haunted. Michelle found a spirit in the Blue Room that was from a bygone era a couple of hundred years back. The spirit followed Michelle around the museum for a bit and then settled back in the Blue Room. She was wearing a white shift, had brown long wavy hair and seemed to be comfortable at the museum. However, she was in distress with her own life, as she was lonely and felt others had abandoned her. Her sadness and heartbreak were palpable, as Paul and Michelle felt it strongly. Weslie was able to validate what Michelle was seeing. Paul brought in a family member to assist, a younger brother who seemed to have some physical ailments and died young. The brother and her talked and Weslie, Paul and Michelle after a few minutes felt a complete energy shift as they had left together without saying goodbye. (They rarely say goodbye LOL)

The second spirit Weslie found first, an older lady who was memorialized by the museum as someone that gave her life to helping it grow, and passed of old age in the 80s. She was not happy at all that we were there. Weslie felt like she got slapped in the face, and Michelle felt she got punched in the stomach. Michelle felt she had many physical ailments and Paul felt that she numbed her pain with medication at times. Paul and Michelle both felt that she had tremendous anger against men in particular, stemming back from years past, and this anger manifested into her perfectionism. We all felt that she did not want us there, and had no intention of leaving. After Paul checked her aura, he felt she had Crown chakra issues. She told Paul that she would be open to Blessed Mother visiting her, so Michelle called her in and the two of them were left to talk. I wouldn’t be surprised if she still didn’t leave as she was majorly attached to the museum. However, at least she knows now that there are more options for her when she is ready to move to the light.