Gay City State Park, Hebron

The Old Mill area

It’s Spring, and S.H.O.N.E springs into action, today it’s Michelle, Weslie, Janet, Micky, Brenda, Metta-Anne and myself, we read Damned CT’s article on this place and I had 2 maps printed for us to use. Two alleged murdered, two people drowned, and the usual sightings, footsteps heard, mists and other odd manifestations.

I’m first to notice a sadness as we leave the paved area approaching the lake, Michelle and Janet feel it too, affecting them differently but the same reason. Michelle follows the energy which takes her into the woods and there deals with it, lets me know a woman had been hit, dragged, molested and killed.

I had my sights set on the lake, to remove the drowning traumas and residual energies, hoping to stop those energies drawing more victims to the lake. I tapped into the waters and experienced someone drowning, thankfully a speeded up process, I think it was the person who drowned in 2010. Continuing, I worked backwards to the earlier drowning and got a picture of a young man struggling in the water and people watching, not letting him return to the shore, eventually going under and not coming back up. He had moved on, forgiving the people, but I sensed an uneasiness behind me on the shoreline from that time.

We continued around the lake but one group had sped ahead, leaving Michelle, Brenda and I trying to catch up, but going a different path. Worse, Michelle and I had the maps. Nice day, no ghosts, nice walk, found some bear poop, reached the abandoned mill, my phone had good connections so I sent pictures of the map to Weslie and Metta-Anne and chatted on the phone, they were heading to New Mexico I told my little group, they’d taken the long way and turned right not left, heading away from us. Brenda had to leave earlier, so Michelle went with her and I waited for the rest of the team to rendezvous.

Still no other ghosts, I put up an energetic flare to attract any ghosts but none answered, it had been a very nice day, a really nice park, Well worth visiting, even though there’s no ghost activity there now.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: Hi all. Michelle here from the group. Field trip today at Gay City Park in Hebron Connecticut. Paul found an energy near the pond of someone who drowned, and was led down the path to the pond by a palpable feeling of sadness. I found a young girl who was punched in the stomach on a trail to the right of the pond, ran away from somebody hurting her, and then was murdered in the woods. Janet was also able to feel and validate her stomach pain. I was able to move her on with a little bit of effort. The group split up at that point, so not much more to report. However lots of residual energy at the mill, people talking and working. The gravestones were quite interesting and very touching that people are still leaving offerings there from the 1800s.