Twofer, Columbia is next to Gay City State park

A S.H.O.N.E member just bought a new house and once again, there was activity. I asked her if she attracted this stuff, maybe she does. Just Michelle, Brenda and I, all warmed up by our work at Gay City State park.

Beautiful house, Well equipped, really nice property, lots of the latest stuff and almost bare, they hadn’t moved in fully yet. Michelle had gone ahead with Brenda and had started the ghost work, not telling me what they’d found, that’s the way we work, confirming it by finding the same stuff, different flavors according to our individual sensitivities.

I started by washing my hands to remove the energies from the earlier ghost work and felt someone behind me, and no-one was there. My attention was drawn to the client’s purse. Bought two years ago, out of state. There was a presence nearby too, my initial assumption was wrong, not connected to the bag, but to the client. Standing to the right of her was a ghost, that of a young woman, who’d been a housemaid, limited life, serving a well-to-do family, envying the posh purse the lady of the house owned, she’d hold it and imaging what her life could be if that well-off. A long time later, still here, she’d been hanging out at a store, envying the bags when in walked the client, a posh lady, buying the posh bag, and she followed her home and was still accompanying her. A little conversation, one of her friends who had moved on joined us and I left the two to talk, I figure she moved on up as the energy was gone when later checking.

I had a feeling and asked to check the client’s auras. She wasn’t surprised when I found something, and started to remove it, then asked Michelle to finish it, wanting her to practice this skill.

There happened to be another energy in the area but found it after doing the loop around the house, some stuck energy in the kitchen area, from a male, who felt superior to all around him, grounded all that energy and drained it too just to make sure it was all gone.

Michelle found something in the laundry room, it was located up high, which I’ve found to be either from a ghost that had physical issues, a long death, and does not want to return fully to earth, fearing the same pain, or something from another plane. Michelle felt it was the latter. The understanding she got from the entities there was that they didn’t want to go back. Also they had built a ‘nest’ here. So I paid attention to it and felt pulled in, so preparing myself, and telling the team what I was about to do, in I went. This portal was turbulent, like going on a inner-tube ride on rapids, and then it went underwater, a long ride ending in a cold and barren place. No wonder they didn’t want to go back. Returning was ok, not like swimming upstream, we communicated a little more with these entities, they weren’t going, I decided they were. I englobed them and their nest with energy and returned through the portal taking them with me. Same trip, but they were more comfortable, shielded by the energy globe. Releasing them at the other side, they picked up their nest and flew off. I severed the portal at that end and pulled it back through to close the portal.

One room smelled of incense, the previous owner had used it in that room, it had soaked into the walls, one coat of paint hadn’t been enough. No ghost energy there.

We used one of the apps I’d recently downloaded to my phone, it indicated an energy for outside, and both Michelle and I could sense it, I triangulated and it was still some distance away. Paying further attention to it, I woke it up, some massive earth elemental, a lot of four letter words now came to mind. Thankfully it realized it was still Winter (or minutes into Spring) it went back into hibernation mode. I can’t wait to hear from Brenda over the next few weeks to see what she senses.

One of her dogs needed attention, the other one certainly didn’t, very exuberant, the contrast shocking, same breed, I did some massage on it which didn’t get the wagging tail reception I’d expected, energetically she was in two parts, so I did some energy work and that seemed to make a difference, no wagging tail but the client said she was responding better.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: One of the members of our ghost group has just purchased a house, and heard some noises from the next room consistently that were loud. The owner invited Paul, my ghost mentor, and I only because the home was still being renovated. As I was walking into the kitchen, there was a young girl who seemed lost and had a liking for some items of the owners. She was looking for help and direction, and we were happy to help her move on. The spirit that got my most attention was an older gentleman in one of the bedrooms. He was very wrinkled and very angry that someone had purchased “his house”. When I first entered the room, I felt a very confusing energy with a headache attached and a pain in my right leg. I had to take a break from sitting in the room at one point, because I felt like he was taking me on a journey that was like a rollercoaster ride, and it’s scrambled my thoughts, and created heat in my body. After a few minutes I went back in, and was able to reason with him, and move him on. This was the spirit making the most noise. The owner then brought us around some more, and in the laundry room, she explained that the dogs did not want to eat in there. Paul and I located a thought-form energy who was hanging out at the end of a portal in the corner of the room. It was as if they had nested there, and we’re not interested in reason or leaving. I sent some healing energy, however this thing did not want to budge. Paul was able to go down the portal, which he said was extremely long and challenging, just like going underwater. He was then able to pull the thought-form out and send it on its way. We also scanned the owner for attachments, and found one in her aura that went through her right to her solar plexus chakra. Paul guided me through the process of removing the attachment and healing her aura.