Return to a toy car door

I kept getting hints to call the client back, the address just wouldn’t go away, plus the area has a reputation so I knew more needed to be done in that area. So I called. All’s good, but …

One of the big stuffed dog toys had growled at the 4 y.o. son! And no, this one didn’t have any electronics in it. They had moved it to another room, but could I revisit? Sure.

We chatted first, a lot to talk about, then she showed me the dog. I timelined back to the actual event, heard the growling, but it wasn’t the dog, there was a ghost boy doing this, and I grabbed him, so I could talk with him. He had wandered in from outside a while back, found a boy of a similar age, and hung around. I doubted I could get anywhere with him, I asked about his parents and he said he wasn’t sure! So I took him up to find help. One white parent, one Native American parent, the boy had been taken and learned Indian ways. Let them deal with this, I’m sure there was a lot to talk about.

In the son’s bedroom, where there was a wig-wam set up 🙂 Behind that was a feeling of Coyote energy, but not actually there, more like an access point, should Coyote need it. I went down the timeline to get more information, it hadn’t been used in a long time. I decided to remove it, but the real Coyote let me know I should have asked first. No harm done, fingers crossed. Also present was stuck energy, anger based, which related to a previous owner. Another stuck energy in a different corner was rage based, the previous owners had some issues with each other. Cleaned out those energies.

Now for the black hairy thing (BHT). Still in the master bedroom, and he didn’t respond or feel typical. I don’t know how many black hairy things would be. I figured he’d come through the portal at the base of the bed. Although it had been closed, sorry girls, it needed a little work, some of the other place’s energies were still embedded in this end. I timelined to when the portal was still open, took the BHT through, removed our plane’s physicality from it and he rejoined his people, then returned to here and now, grabbed the residual bits on our side and pushed them through, the portal hadn’t healed fully but now it could.

Grandmom arrived, we chatted some more, talked about the husband, had green tea with honey of course, I checked out their auras when asked, and will send them some energy technique text files as the client wants to try out some of what I do.

Refer to ‘A toy car door closes by itself, and much more ghostly stuff’ February 2022