Return to Columbia

The client reported hearing growling sounds and other sounds, I was out in that part of the state so I called in. First up was that room the previous owner had used for spiritual purposes, the one that still smelled of incense. The energy was focused on one wall, and this felt new to me, like a portal but not, maybe a connection point? Of course I was going through it. Brief trip and upwards, lots of chanting, this had been an altar and the previous owner could give and receive energies through it. I closed down the access, the new client didn’t need it. More energies present, of the previous owner, power seeking, but underneath that a fear of death, so I cleaned that out too. The cabinet which housed the altar had been left, was now in the garage. I cleaned out the stuck energy still around it and it was just a piece of cheap woodwork again.

Played with the dogs, did a little more energy work on the one that had needed surgery,

In the basement we heard more noises. I was working on that previous owner’s energy again, busy guy, the fear of death was stronger here, so I cleaned up that first, the noises could wait. Brown spots on the concrete floor, looked more like paint spots, my hand above them didn’t get any bio-energetic feel, the client didn’t have peroxide, one of the ways to test for blood. Noises just seemed to be ‘settling’ sounds coming from different areas, nothing obvious connecting them, no ghosts either.

Talking with the client, over green tea and honey, I was dragging a bit, two ghost locations back to back, I figured we needed more information, there was the large dozing land guardian nearby outside of the property line. Owners had not lasted long here. Timelining, touching each of the owners, the previous one had issues which we knew about AND some of his activities had disturbed the land guardian, the second house owners were scared of something, but that was it. I continued further into the past, felt the land guardian erupt from its place, a group of people standing around had done something. More info needed, so I joined the group, listened and heard a blessing but the person giving it had included some stuff against Native Americans and their beliefs and that’s what upset the land guardian, the blessing now prevented it from doing its job, looking after the land. The client and I talked about what she wanted.

It wasn’t one or the other, Christian or Native American. We could have both, I just needed to edit the blessing so that the ‘attitude’ was removed, the land guardian could enter, everyone happy. I’d just never done this before. It’s like magic, I did the same actions, the blessing was now ‘to the point’, still active.

I used one of the phone apps next, and we picked up 3 entities nearby, all with loving or peaceful feelings passing through from the nature area out back to the blessed area plus one entity that was attracted to the previous owner’s fear energies.

The grand kids arrive in two weeks, the place needs moving in, I’ll come back if more needs to be done.