Buried in a barrel: Captain S.L. Gray

Michelle’s notes: Today’s adventure was at two locations. The first one was Liberty Hill Cemetery, and the second Exeter Cemetery, both in Lebanon Connecticut. The ghost workers included Paul, Michelle, Michael, Priscilla, Jay, Brenda, and Deb. There were many souls in both cemeteries. We all gathered around the Captain first, who supposedly died at sea, and then was put in a barrel of alcohol to hide and preserve his body until his wife buried him. The tombstone is shown in the first photo. The second photo is all his children who passed at a very young age. Michelle felt the children pretty strongly, especially one of the boys who literally went kicking and screaming, but were all moved on by Michelle. There was a woman next to the captain that was also easily moved on by Michelle. At first we all determined that the captain’s spirit wasn’t there anymore, however the spirit still thought he was in the barrel, so Paul called him back and a man to man talk ensued. Michael determines that the baby’s deaths were not malicious in anyway, as the wife had been holding on to decades of shame. Michael then sent him and his wife on their way. Priscilla and Jay found some beautiful energy at the end of the cemetery and some Native Americans in the woods. They also found a man in an unmarked grave that was hit in the back of the head in his travels and was killed. Michelle sent him on. There were a few more souls that got sent on by the team, and any stragglers, Michael was able to use his technique with.

Michael arrived first, early of course, me too a couple of minutes later, I’d car-pooled with Deb. Always nice to give a quick assessment of the area and catch up on news with Michael. Michelle had an extra passenger, a bird stuck in the grille on the front of her car, I went into EMT mode, put on gloves and rescued it, still in shock, did some energy healing and moved it to the cemetery wall, a flat area with a nook for it, it was able to turn itself over and move, fingers crossed. Priscilla brought Jay and rum balls, very tasty, though I waited until needing carbs before trying my first.

Deb found the gravesite, near the back, easy to spot, a bigger headstone for Captain S.L. Gray and his wife, 6 more headstones for the children, there had been 8 children, most died very young.

The Captain wasn’t there. Most of the kids felt ‘unconscious’, something new for me, I tried healing colors and felt many had GI upsets, they started ‘waking’ once healed. I didn’t know if they’d died all at the same time, it only gave their ages at death. they were too young to know what was going on, we moved them on but I wanted to know why they’d died, so Mom was the obvious choice to ask. She was there. Wasn’t impressed, and I try not to judge. Maybe she wasn’t the best Mom. Don’t speak ill of the dead. She had issues and moving her up took some effort, I handed her off to Michael.

Back to Captain Gray. Something told me he hadn’t moved on but was still trapped in the barrel, but not here. Most likely? Still on the ship. Somehow I was able to find him, still inside a barrel, waiting to be let out. Opened the barrel, we were underwater, stuck in one position for all these years, he needed help straightening out, healing colors first, until he stood tall, I let him know he was dead and then pulled him to the present, here and now. We talked about his family, he felt bad about leaving them with Mom but what could he do? Moving on was easy.

I left the rest of the cemetery to everyone else, they had all touched and felt Captain Gray’s headstone and the little ones, and had added their thoughts, helping to move the little ones on. Almost all of us had training or started it, Brenda had been at many ghost work events and had learned as she went. The ghosts were in very good hands.

The bird in the grille was now on the ground, still alive, we could do no more for it.