Exeter Cemetery, Lebanon

Michelle’s notes, she wrote them before I could even get to the computer, so hers first: The second cemetery had quite a few wandering souls. There was a man that Paul, Deb, and I felt who was super angry, and had to be reasoned with by Paul before he could move him on. Paul and Michelle both felt a complete emotional release from the man who broke down in tears before leaving. Michelle brought in his wife, whom he missed terribly, and off they went. There was also a woman that Michelle found who was caught up in the belief that she was stuck in the ground and couldn’t leave. Michelle shined a light for her and coaxed her out of the darkness before sending her on. Michelle and Deb also found another woman who needed help. Deb felt intense emotion, and Michelle saw the woman running away. After Michelle spoke to her, an overwhelming release of emotion overcame the spirit, and Michelle had also felt it, along with a huge sense of gratitude from the spirit. Michael was able to detect over 80 spirits that were not moved on yet, and Michelle used color energy to calm spirit groups nerves for an easier transition.

I found my replacement for lightening the mood, Deb let out a scream behind me, SNAKE! She said, I’d walked straight past it, oblivious. If I can figure out how to get lots of pictures added at the bottom there’ll be a picture of a headstone with a hole in the ground beside it. She had said something about working on her fears ….

I was drawn to one area of the cemetery, Michael was still on his way here so I didn’t move all the standing ghosts on, I could work with the troubled ones instead. A new experience, holding one headstone I felt the ghost falling in the dark. So I joined her, a little light so she could see me, just having a conversation while falling. Ok, a little weird, worse, I left her there when I got distracted with what one of the others was working on nearby. Ok, back to the falling ghost. Job #1 stop the movement, but before that connect with the ghost. Holding hands at first, the ghost needed more and wrapped her arms around me, for security, (we’re still falling). Slowing, slowing, slow, and stop. A little more light and we’re standing on ground. She let go and hugged the ground, as best she could. I have no idea where we were and guides weren’t coming to us. It’s on my todo list. I pulled us back to here, the cemetery, easiest thing. Had some help moving her up, never found out why she was falling.

Michelle called me in on one, husband and wife buried together, she’d died aged 30, he’d lived another 11 years without her. He was so angry. He wouldn’t talk with Michelle. He talked with me, only it was less talk and more tears and feeling and anguish and anger and it was so unfair and he’d loved her, couldn’t replace her, missed her so much, and … Michelle’s the counselor and figured it best to get his wife to come down and see him. Soon after that I felt his attention had left me, the two of them had a lot of catching up to do, a guide would help out … after.

A little headstone, a child’s, working on healing, when something took the opportunity to attack me, pushing aside the child ghost and entering me. It could only get part way in, thank you automatic defenses and innate defenses. I pushed it back into the earth, far into the Earth and handed it over for them to deal with. Resumed my connection with the child and he was taken up there.

Saw one headstone within the grounds but neglected, not in the main area. Some TLC feelings, the ghost and the person when alive had been treated poorly, not included, treated as lesser. Thankfully the ghost had found a way up but residual energies remained, transformed and released.

Someone had checked the perimeter, told me I had to check it out, some nice feelings from the land entities looking after the area.

To finish, Michael talked, mentioned portals, said not to remove them automatically, they served a purpose, he didn’t know why, so I added that to my todo list too. So much experience, nice to listen. Then he moved on all the ghosts that had been waiting, with the rest of us adding our energies to the process.