A local business has problems.

My friend Deb, who is part of the next group of Ghost workers, has taken enough of the classes to protect herself, had noticed a business close to where she lives has a reputation for some sort of ghost activity, as well as having trouble opening for business. She stopped in and felt sadness and had done some research and found a woman had died in a car accident and this business had been her goal.

I’d eventually stopped in, I’d seen the place apparently abandoned for a long time, finally getting its act together. I too felt the sadness, but the ghost wasn’t opening up to me. Also present was something that pushed people away, at that point I didn’t know if it was magic, a curse or what. A great opportunity to train Deb in the field.

It just happened to be the same day as doing ghost work in Lebanon, thankfully We’d stopped to recharge at my favorite coffee shop Klekolo. Funny thing, Deb said she felt recharged by the ghost work we’d already done. I was just going to sit outside while she wandered, so the staff wouldn’t get suspicious.

I was already inside whatever magic was directing people away, so I opened myself up to feel the ghost. Sadness. Letting it in, got closer to what was happening and then felt movement, repetitive movement, in the area of my heart, but not my physical heart. Any time there’s motion, the ghost is paying attention to it and not to the underlying issues. This ghost was stuck. Job #1, slow down the motion until it stops, well that’s Job #2, because first you have to jump on the moving feelings and hang on, it’s disorienting. While getting shaken about, slow things down. Practice makes … it easier.

Once stopped the ghost could now react. Wow! This place is beautiful and has so many possibilities. Yes, I was tapping into her joy, which had also been buried. A minute later, back to working on feelings, using my body to get feedback. Without a body it takes ages so I’m glad to help out in this way.

She had a lot to work on, but I could come back, better to get rid of whatever was deterring customers. I moved into the parking area to explore the boundaries and tap into the awareness. Still don’t know if it was magic or curse, or some ‘not’ blessing. I timelined to when it was created, at least decades ago, likely to be more, chatted briefly with the ‘spell’ caster to see if there was some noble purpose. No. He just wanted people to not bother him there. Back to the now, applied my removing ‘magic’ skills, almost all of the spell was chanting, only two items I’d not seen before, maybe enchanted objects added in the casting, for the first time I had to strip everything from the spell, those last two enchanted items were holding on to the end. It felt lighter, I’ll go back soon and see if it worked and do some more work on the ghost to get her to a better place, inside as well as outside.

I went back, a little more working with the ghost to reduce the suffering, and bought somethings.

And I went back again. Couldn’t connect, bought another item, but didn’t leave, returned to talk with the owner, gave her my ghostbegone card, rechecked the parking entrance area and got a headache, couldn’t get into my body to sense, something was blocking me. Updated the owner and set a return date. Met with Deb next to update her, returned to the business as Deb and I had something planned the same day, and found out the next ‘customer’ had also reported something was wrong with the energy of the place!

I’d posted on S.H.O.N.E about returning, inviting people, not expecting anyone as it’s a work day, Crystal did offer but I told her that since I didn’t know what was going one here, I couldn’t protect her. Armed with coffee, I’d neglected to bring my ‘tool’ bag, I returned and let the owner know it would be just me and I’d let her know of my progress.

I sat on the edge of the parking lot and began. “In my head” in less than a minute, not in my body. Avoiding feelings. At my heart I felt something pressing down, suppressing. I noticed my aura layers were compressed more, the lower I went, and not feeling anything below my heart, at my throat a sick feeling, my third eye showed churning darkness, filling the property and extending to the South. My Crown chakra showed me as an isolated being, a narrow connecting tube going upwards.

This all will sound so organized, so efficient, but it was slow plodding, sensing and figuring out. I time-lined the churning darkness and found there were two darknesses overlapping. I got a thought of year 1851, someone saying “Mine!”, selfish, excluding others. He made an Invocation (something less than a Blessing, I didn’t sense any religious background), the first half contained phrases which I was able to extract, diminishing the invocation, the second was obscured, I deduced something had been called upon which was energizing the second half. While sensing this half I saw ‘It’, the entity, the one called upon who had answered. We looked at each other, just looked. He looked like a hairy goat man, black hair. I returned to the invocation, now I could sense a circle, something I’d not seen before, this represented a portal, a hole to transfer energies, to allow interaction from somewhere or ‘someone’ else, but too small to allow ‘physical’ passing.

Still timelining, I saw the steps taken, 1 ripping a hole in our plane, 2 blindly reaching out for something/anything, 3 An answer, response, 4 Making the portal connection for words, energy too small for substance transfer. I saw a light green colored fatty sphincter through which a noxious emanation, intermittent but frequent. A Shaman’s net was appropriate but without holes, so a bag, tuned to the same frequency as this emanation, to gather all of it and return it, squeezing it back through the sphincter. I inserted a tube to sense the other side, seeing that this emanation was the atmosphere of this other place. I squeezed everything through, closed off the portal, returning plane material to the other side and sealed this end.

The invocation, lacking this portal, was just phrases and was quickly taken apart, the invocation gone. Without the invocation, the first darkness faded, leaving a selfish, crazed person ranting and avoided. Up the timeline, a second person believing this first person, originally used this same portal invocation to do more, but now no portal, no power, only him ranting, producing stuck energies. Repeated, in waves, the stuck energy became animated, its nature to make people feel empty, blocking emotions, only thoughts counted, those of the crazy ranting person. I ascended with this animated energy affecting me, I arrived but unable to sense, only when I pushed the animated energy away could I see more of its kind, watch it merge.

Back to Earth, I brushed off all these energies into the road outside the property, and noticed I felt optimistic. Updating the owner, next comes the ghost work. I’d learned a little more about the person who’d died and become this ghost, so I asked her to show me her baggage. Surprise, I saw lots of filing cabinets, representing how she had kept grudges, noting every insult and slights she’d felt. I asked her to pick one, she did, and re’lived’ it, and I asked her what she wanted to do to that person, and as she thought about it, pointed out that the person was dead, that they’re all dead (maybe). Oh! She got it. Holding onto all that stuff… the cabinets faded. Returning to her, we focused on her wants, what had been important, i.e. stuff she was still attached to. I now reminded her that she was dead too. Oh. She got that too. Having to let go… of this place, so much was about her controlling as well as manifesting.

We gained a visitor, her grandmother appeared to console her, keep her company, talk with her, and the grieving started. Grandmother directed me away, she’d help the ghost to move on, I had more work to do.

The entity I’d found last time, no much information gained, turned out to be an Earth elemental, sent by the Land Guardian to do what she could, within the limits of the controlling owner. The ghost was still here, grieving, working through her issues, so the Earth Elemental was still limited, but expecting more of the Land Guardian’s helpers to enter as the ghost let go.

Job done, I updated the owner, said I’d check back in a few days, and noticed there already were more customers present than I ever had seen there before at one time. It didn’t last.

Returning again, wasn’t having much success, there was a dark Earth presence here, it was ignoring me and I could do nothing to affect it. I need to call in the team, many are better at Earth issues than I am. I tried doing an energy check for attachments on the client but it was painful for both of us so stopped that. She’d already shown a strong response to the ’emergency’ stones I’d brought. I read her palm, got her astrological data to see if there was anything significant there. She’d mentioned her husband is her twin flame, and I’d felt that in her palm, an ‘echo’, which was really another person tied to her so that as my energy pulsed out to read it, it went further and noticed him.

We, the S.H.O.N.E. group showed up, but the owner wasn’t there, the co-worker was very helpful. Michelle detected non-moving air, so we created tornados in our minds, and Michelle, Marian and I swirled them around to freshen up the place. Michelle too sensed the unmoving Earth energy but she was not able to work with it. We’d done three ghost locations today, time for a stop to my favorite coffee shop Klekolo. 🙂