Anxiety in Canton, CT

This one comes via Marian, one of our trainees, she’s taken enough classes to protect herself so was invited along, to help one of her contacts, along with Michelle and myself.

The client was complaining of anxiety, some sort of ‘jokester’ presence, waking up to see a vague blurry face above her, fading quickly away, something evil, and had been grabbed on her leg when she slept in the ‘old’ bedroom, she’d lived there for 30 years. Bonus, her house was adjacent to an abandoned cemetery. She’d had dreams of someone tall and pale with long hair looking at her from a mirror.

I’d said any guests of hers were welcome, present was her daughter and one of her college friends, and a psychic friend, plus two dogs, very friendly.

Michelle took charge, she will be taking over the group, that was fine with me, and she coached Marian as they evaluated the house. I was delegated the electrical activity, and soon found one outlet with an open ground, the husband who arrived later had known about it and had forgotten about it, easy to fix. There was a lot of electrical flow up one wall facing the back garden without any observed attachments to explain it.

Michelle and Marian tackled the ghosts, I removed the stuck energy, freeing up the beds too, one of which contained animated energy. The commonality to all of this was a feeling of heaviness and suppression of hope. The guests were interested in all we did so Michelle and I explained as we went along.

There were lots of old wooden furniture, desks etc, again with the same dull depressive pull. One large mirror did have an energy of someone staring at themselves in it, not a portal, so I removed that energy too.

Of course we took a break, and yes, the client had green tea with two types of honey, perfect for me, plus she’d made snacks which were delicious. Time for more conversation and explanations. The back garden area was clear, but the cemetery called to us, so that was next.

Covered in brush, it had just rained and we weren’t dressed to go out and pick up ticks, so I chose Michael’s method, and Michelle sensed 12 presences. all met with their guides, to be moved on.

Michelle worked on healing the client, but the left arm was not mentioned, so I worked with that. Very unpleasant energy there. Removing it, returning some clean energy from ‘up there’, we talked, the client tended to hold on to energies. I advised her to not do this from now on, it did no good. I’d previously sent her instructions to clean out her energy field but she hadn’t understood them, so I repeated it with explanation, added a new one the simplest ‘Soul Return’ technique. Plus some Acupressure points to help.

I look forward to Michelle’s notes on the ghosts and ‘jokester’. Oh yes, the client had been unofficially looking after the cemetery and had researched who was buried there. 12 people.

“Today’s ghost job came from a tip from our member Marian, who was friends with the owner of the home in Canton, CT. Present was Paul, Michelle and Marian, and this was Marian’s first official job in a home. The owner stated that she has owned the home for 31 years with some renovations, and has been dealing with a few strange events all this time. She didn’t reach out sooner secondary to believing it was her anxiety, however other mediums felt it as well. The owner stated that she would experience a heavy anxiety many times in the home for no reason, especially in her bedroom. Her daughter also experienced strange feelings in her bedroom, where she continually would have to sage, and the other daughter’s bedroom also felt strange. The owner also stated that many times, she would wake from a sound sleep and see the outline of a face in her face. A small cemetery was to the left of the home, where there may be a connection. Michelle felt an anxiety when entering the home, especially in the kitchen, where she felt hot and out of breath. The team went upstairs to investigate. All three bedrooms seem to have activity. The first daughter’s bedroom had some animated energy stuck in a corner, some portal energy in the closet, and some stuck energy on the bed. Paul was able to assist with all. The second daughter’s bedroom had a ghost hanging out in the corner, which Michelle and Marian felt (the daughter confirmed that this is also where she felt it, which was right above the most intense spot in the kitchen). Michelle saw it as a younger man, t-shirt and jeans, long dark hair and lanky looking. He was frightened, and had been enjoying the energy of the teenager living in the room. Michelle saw him pacing in circles, and very agitated. Marian sent color energy to the man to calm him, and Michelle found out from the family that this man had been accidentally shot by his brother, and was supposedly buried in the cemetery. Michelle called the brother in, and there was an intense feeling of reunification taking place. The man was then sent up by Michelle and Marian. The master bedroom was interesting, as it also had a ghost in the corner, an older man who used to own the property many years back, probably in the 1800’s. He was crochety, and demanded that it was his home, and to go away! Marian sent the man healing energy, and Michelle talked a bit, then called in his beloved dog. When that didn’t make him budge, Michelle called in Blessed Mother for assistance, suspecting he was a devout Christian. This did capture his attention, and off he went. In the bedroom was a piece of stained glass hanging in their window. When Michelle felt it, it had heavy Christian energy in it, which did not like Michelle! Marian and Michelle then transformed the energy out of the object. The team did this with several antique furniture pieces that were obtained from the owner’s mother in law. Paul and Michelle were shown the cemetery, and Paul used Michael’s technique to send them to the light, as the cemetery was not easily accessible, and the headstones were not visible, covered under brush. Michelle counted 12 spirits who left, and told Paul. We then went back into the home, and were given a fact sheet of the individuals who were buried there. There were 12 on the sheet! The owner then wanted a quick Reiki scan, and Michelle complied, finding issues with her shoulders, neck, knees and ankles, which was confirmed by the owner. It was so great having Marian as a part of the working team, as she did a great job!”