West Hartford many hurt

Tala of A New Page referred this client, Monday evenings available so I had to wait a week, but it sounded bad. Just two of us going, and then I received a text, problems, so it was just me. I got this, right?

The report I got, just the highlights because that’s enough to go on, two people died there, things missing and reappearing, voices heard, orbs, items moved, hard to breathe there and the couple were fighting when in the house (so they were spending less time inside), plus they had prior attachments.

Before starting the ‘ghost’ work, used the ultrasonic sensor to listen for electrical activity, the usual, none near the sleeping area.

Job one, heal the clients and seal any holes in their auras. Both were attacked at the head / brain level plus aches at heart level. Read the issues and helped take the pressure off, auras intact. Next, teach them how to Shield, quick learners. Taught them how to Ascend, but that would take time and effort on their part. Mentioned Danburite as a ‘goto’ stone for help from on high, they could pick some up at A New Page.

Job two, take out the stuck energy, that energy left by any trauma, emotional or physical that occurred there. First found the guy who’d died of a heart attack, many prior heart episodes, felt him keel over face first when the last one finished him. Found a ‘witness’ who’d seen someone killed. Found the one killed, he’d just come out of the shower, heat and humidity all around him, clad in a towel, someone had knocked on the door and he came out and was shot dead. Found the killer, he was surprised when a guy appeared with just a towel around him, and shot him. No ghosts.

I was missing something. All this stuff and no attacker, why were the clients suffering? Timelined after opening myself up more, and soon found a ghost high up in the living room, the attack hitting me at the head level too, the ghost tried to feed at the back of my neck but I grabbed the feeding tube and reeled him in, put him in a bubble. I let the clients know because things were about to get weirder (they were already weird but that’s the basic level for operating this type of ghost work). I’d picked up his qualities, a sociopath and a drug-dealer, yet I was still going to overlap my energy field with his. For the first time in his life he felt. Emotions. Felt the impact on himself, he had no ‘defenses’ , had never known this inside himself. He wanted to learn. I talked with him, he was willing to head ‘up there’, nervous for the first time too. A woman was waiting to meet him, she extended her hand and helped him step off into Heaven, she thanked me and said she’d take it from there.

Done. The clients reported it felt lighter there, they’d felt my work on their auras and felt releases there too. One more quickie lesson on The Felt Sense, again this would take time and effort for them to practice.